The Deal

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music Ltd.


I'm going to LA
Check into a quiet groovy hotel
Get myself a tan by the sleepy pool
Meet a pretty girl, walk her down the strip
Then chill out in a bar

Then I will rent a car, an open-top Mustang
And cruise around the beach
And I'll check out all the babes while the sun goes down
By then I will be ready to party and act cool

Then when I'm emotionally refreshed,
Relaxed and confident, I'll hit Rodeo Drive
And drink a cappuccino
Then depending how I feel
I'll grab a piece of action at the Beverly Hills
Then get myself a deal

Isn't it wonderful, marvelous, utterly surreal
Feeling so fabulous, fraudulent, bogus and unreal
This is my lucky day

Today I'm a bullshit millionaire
As good as anyone, better than I was
In dreary Angleterre, real but disillusioned
Riding on the tube, traveling on the bus

Now I'm full of self belief
Confidence abounding, feeling really awesome
I will rent a mansion somewhere in Bel-Air
Confidence abounding, feeling really groovy
Truly debonair

It will be wonderful, marvelous, utterly surreal
Feeling so fabulous, fraudulent, totally unreal
Today I'm gonna get my break
I'll go to LA
Get myself a deal, and be part of the American dream
La la la la la

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