Most recent "Kinkarnation": Dave, Ray,
Jim Rodford, Bob Henrit, Ian Gibbons

Other musicians involved with the Kinks:

John Start ______(pre-Ravens drummer in 1961-62)
Pete Quaife ______(bass 1961-66, 66-69, "original Kink")
Robert Wace ______(Ravens singer in 1963, became manager)
Mickey Willett ______(Ravens drummer in 1963)
Mick Avory ______(drums 1964-84, "original Kink")
Bobby Graham ______(session drummer on first records)
Clem Cattini ______(session drummer on early records)
Rasa Davies ______(who sang uncredited but lovely harmonies on most early records)
Nicky Hopkins ______(session keyboardist on early records)
Mick Grace ______(ex. Cockneys, replaced Ray on guitar for a two-week-tour in Belgium 1965)
John Dalton ______(ex. Mark Four, bass 1966, 69-76)
John Gosling ______(keyboards 1970-76)
Andy Pyle ______(ex. Bloodwyn Pig ao., bass 1976-77)
Gordon Edwards ______(ex. Pretty Things 1970´s line-up, keyboards 1978-79)
Jim Rodford ______(ex. Argent ao., bass 1977-present)
Ian Gibbons ______(keyboards 1979-89, 1993-present)
Mark Haley ______(keyboards 1989-93, mostly on tour)
Bob Henrit ______(ex. Argent, drums 1984-present)

Horn players: Mike Cotton, John Beecham, Alan Holmes, Davy Jones, Laurie Brown, Nick Newell, Noel Morris, Andy Hamilton, Nick Payne

Singers: Pamela Travis, Lee Pavey, Maryann Price, Claire Hamill, Lyndsey Moore, Shirlie Roden, Debbie Doss, Anna Peacock, Kim Goody, Linda Kendrick, Chrissie Hynde, Louisa Davies, Louis Rich, Trevor White

Source: Doug Hinman/Jason Brabazon "The Kinks Part One"

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