From: "Hiroshi Uchida"
Subject: PYE remastered CDs are released in Japan today
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 21:48:36 +0900

Today is the release day Pye remastered CDs first batch. The titles are following.

Kinks + 12
Kinda Kinks + 11
Kink Kontroversy + 4
Face To Face + 7
Something Else By The Kinks + 8

They are including original booklet ( same as UK release) and Japanese liner notes, song text and parallel translation in Japanese. And of course with "Obi". We can't get bonus item in store, but we can send a post card with 3 triangle tickets ( cut the corner of obi) to the record company , and we'll get a booklet called "Kinks Book".

And RCA remastered CDs will be released on 23rd July.

Second batch of PYE CDs will be released on 21st Aug.

Japanese labels (95 KB)

From: "Hiroshi Uchida"
Subject: Label colour and Jim's birthday
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 21:18:44 +0900

Dear all KPS members

I found 2 points of difference between UK & Japan CD. One is Label colour, UK-"Kinks" is violet and others are all pink. Japan-"Kinks is orange,"Kinda" is blue,"Kontroversy" is white, "Face to Face" is red and "Something Else" is purple. In a ward, it is matched the colour of back.

Another is inside print. (behind CD) . All UK inside print is same design. Each Japan CD has several picture cover design of LP, EP or single records. I want to show them to all members, but it's so hard to send pictures of inside print. I sent only pictures of CD label this time.

Then, Jim's birthday is 7th July 1941. (He is 57 years old today!!!) I've heard it from him directly at Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo) during last Japan tour.

Hiroshi Uchida

Japanese labels (95 KB)

Outer labels (87 KB)