It seems that Stan Cobb has decided to exercise his scanner as he send me about 2 MB worth of pictures relating to the Kinks.

Here they are:

162765 photo.jpg [from Flip Teen magazine]

301007 kinksjpg2.jpg [sitting on a bench]

253587 badreviewjpeg.jpg

207996 kinkscoverjpeg.jpg [Super Song Hits Spring 1982 magazine]

198255 kinks2jpeg.jpg [Modern Recording and Music April 1982 - Ray on cover]

200759 kinks3jpeg.jpg [International Musician and Recording World Jan 1982 - drawing of Ray]

218247 kover4jpeg.jpg [Musician August 1983 - Ray on cover (I think I have that magazine)]

168970 rayjpeg1.jpg [photo of Ray]

154492 kinkscal.jpg [Hullabaloo Nov/Dec calendar]