Songs of the Week and Queries of the Week

Songs of the Week

  1. Lost and Found [297]
  2. Permanent Waves [302]
  3. Get Back in Line [309]
  4. Sunny Afternoon [317]
  5. Scattered [323]
  6. Misfits [332]
  7. The Informer [342]
  8. This Time Tomorrow [348]
  9. Strangers [354]
  10. Big Black Smoke [360]
  11. God's Children [366]
  12. I Go To Sleep [374]
  13. Two Sisters [380]
  14. People Take Picture of Each Other [385]
  15. Do You Remember Walter? [391]
  16. Rainy Day in June [396]
  17. Living on a Thin Line [414]
  18. Little Miss Queen of Darkness [423]
  19. Phenomenal Cat [426]
  20. You're Looking Fine [435]
  21. Big Sky [439]
  22. Maximum Consumption [452]
  23. Heart of Gold [460]
  24. You Make it All Worthwhile [486]
  25. A Little Bit of Emotion [492]
  26. Sitting in My Hotel [499]
  27. Death of a Clown [508]
  28. Sitting in the Midday Sun [512]
  29. Oklahoma USA [518]
  30. A Little Bit of Abuse [524]
  31. No More Looking Back [531]
  32. Young & Innocent Days [538]
  33. Ducks on the Wall [546]
  34. Art Lover [553]
  35. Mirror of Love [559]
  36. Mindless Child of Motherhood [566]
  37. Face in the Crowd [571]
  38. Phobia [577]
  39. Animal Farm [589]
  40. On the Outside [593]
  41. Around the Dial [600]
  42. Attitude [608]
  43. Only a Dream [619]
  44. Some Mother's Son [626]
  45. Did You See His Name [632]
  46. Jack, the Idiot Dunce [638]
  47. Don't [646]
  48. Village Green [652]
  49. Missing Person [658]
  50. Stormy Sky [666]
  51. Juke Box Music [697]
  52. Harry Rag [703]
  53. Sittin' On My Sofa [713]
  54. Chosen People [719]
  55. Autumn Almanac [729]
  56. Wicked Annabella [737]
  57. State of Confusion [745]
  58. The Road [751]
  59. Definite Maybe [762]
  60. Love Me Till The Sun Shines [773]
  61. You Really Got Me [782]
  62. Too Hot [790]
  63. Loony Balloon [799]
  64. One of the Survivors [809]
  65. Shangri La [818]
  66. Have A Cuppa Tea [831]
  67. I'm On An Island [838]
  68. In A Space [844]
  69. Look a Little On The Sunny Side [851]
  70. Look Through Any Doorway [859]
  71. Misty Water [871]
  72. Village Green Preservation Society [879]
  73. London Song [888]
  74. End of the Season [901]
  75. All of My Friends Were There [910]
  76. Young Conservatives [917]
  77. Celluloid Heroes [929]
  78. Muswell Hillbilly [935]
  79. Apeman [947]
  80. When You Were a Child [955]
  81. The Way Love Used To Be [961]
  82. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy [975]
  83. Cricket [981]
  84. I Need You [988]
  85. Nobody Gives [993]
  86. Well Respected Man [999]
  87. Catch Me Now I'm Falling [1004]
  88. Better Things [1011]
  89. Property [1014]
  90. Imaginations Real [1020]
  91. Do It Again [1025]
  92. Natural Gift [1029]
  93. Father Christmas [1034]
  94. Now and Then [1038]
  95. Hatred (A Duet) [1043]
  96. My Diary [1048]
  97. All Day And All Of The Night [1053]
  98. Stop Your Sobbing [1057]
  99. Don't Ever Change [1062]
  100. Milk Cow Blues [1070]
  101. Fancy [1075]
  102. This is Where I Belong [1081]
  103. David Watts [1087]
  104. Polly [1091]
  105. Picture Book [1098]
  106. Mr. Churchill Says [1103]
  107. Top of the Pops [1109]
  108. Willesden Green [1115]
  109. Alcohol [1121]
  110. Susannah's Still Alive [1126]
  111. Supersonic Rocket Ship [1131]
  112. Plastic Man [1137
  113. Daylight [1143]
  114. Shepherds of the Nation [1147]
  115. You Can't Stop the Music [1152]
  116. Headmaster [1156]
  117. Life on the Road [1159]
  118. Out of the Wardrobe [1164]
  119. Gallon of Gas [1169]
  120. Prince of the Punks [1175]

Queries of the Week

  1. Who in the music business do you feel could be considered the female equivalent/counterpart to Ray Davies? (past or present, soloist or band member) [297]
  2. You are walking down the street or sitting in a pub watching World Cup soccer, and one Raymond Douglas Davies strolls by. What do you say? "Hey, Ray!" "Great show" or something clever and memorable? [302]
  3. You are the casting director for the "X Files" tv show and have been approached by Dave Davies, who expressed great interest in appearing in an upcoming episode. What sort of role would you cast him in?" [309]
  4. Ray is a man of many talents, as we all know. In what sit-com (past or present) would you cast him? And what character would he portray? [317]
  5. What characteristics, if any, do you feel distinguish a "Ray fan" from a "Dave fan"? [323]
  6. In the early days, the Kinks did a number of "covers" (Long Tall Sally, Louie Louie etc.). If they were to do a new album of covers, what song(s) would you suggest? [332]
  7. What nine hour penance would you NOT sit through to see Ray Davies for twenty minutes? [342]
  8. On a recent trip to Wash DC, I was "sitting in my hotel" room listening to the radio, when the DJ announced that he was taking requests. I phoned in and asked that he play "Waterloo Sunset." He said he didn't think he had it (gasp), but would look. I then asked that in the event he couldn't find it, would he please play "anything" by the Kinks. He went on to say that he didn't know if that would be possible, as they were "obscure." I mentioned a few song titles to him, but after continuing to listen for another hour or so, no Kinks songs were played. Has anone else had a similar experience? [348]
  9. Do you think that Dave should do a solo tour ala "20th Century Man?" [354]
  10. How many times have you seen the Kinks (or Ray solo) perform, and what is the farthest distance you've traveled? [360]
  11. The Kinks have had their songs played in a Wim Wenders film, did the "Percy" soundtrack, Ray did a number in Absolute Beginners, and Dave composed the Village of the Damned soundtrack. What single Kinks song do you feel an entire film could be produced around? [366]
  12. Is your significant other a Kinks fan, or is being a Kinks fan a priority in those you date? [374]
  13. Do you feel it would be better for the band if Ray & Dave got along famously...or do you feel that the tension is beneficial to their creative output? [380]
  14. What is your favourite (released) Kinks video? [385]
  15. What is the most Kink-like Beatles song, and what is the most Beatles-like Kinks song? [391]
  16. In your day to day existence, do any sights and/or sounds bring a particular Kinks song to mind? [396]
  17. With all the buzz about Dave touring, and being supported by the Smithereens, what would be your ideal set list? [414]
  18. If you were to dress up for Halloween as a character from a Kinks song, who would it be and why? [423]
  19. How many Kinks fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? [426]
  20. How about those hands gripping the guitar on the 'To the Bone' CD cover? Who do they belong to? Ray & Dave, or were professional hand models hired? If you feel it's R&D, who's on top, and why? [435]
  21. Should a film about the Kinks be produced, who could be cast as Ray? Dave? Pete and Mick? [439]
  22. Have you ever had a 'delayed reaction' to a Kinks song, whereupon first listen you didn't care for it, but upon repeated listenings, you've grown to appreciate it? [452]
  23. What Kinks-related item would you put at the top of your holiday wish list? [460]
  24. If Ben & Jerry's were to create an ice cream flavour devoted to the Kinks (ala Cherry Garcia), what would it be called, and what would be the ingredients? [571]
  25. Does anyone think it a bit ironic (especially those who have been fortunate enough to have been in the audience at any of Ray's solo shows) that the one phobia not mentioned in this week's song (Phobia) is HOMO-PHOBIA? [577]
  26. With rumours of another autobiographic installment coming from you think a follow up solo show similar to 20th Century Man would be in order? [589]
  27. If Ray and Dave were cast in the Star Wars films, who would they play? [593]
  28. When and if you phone radio stations to request Kinks tunes, is your request usually honored or ignored? [600]
  29. INK FEST!!!! If you were to get a real or imaginary Kinks-related tattoo, what would it be, and where would you place it? [608]
  30. If there were only one pie (paper) plate remaining on the planet, and you found yourself at a Kinks concert...what one song would you scribble on it before flinging it onto the stage? [619]
  31. In the late 60s, with the youth of America protesting the Vietnam War, do you think that the Kinks would have made a great impact here at that time, if they were permitted to tour? [626]
  32. "The Things We Do For Love"....What is the weirdest or most outlandish thing that you have done for the Kinks or done in order to see the Kinks? [632]
  33. The Kinks Finale Tour --- Set List? (not feeling very inspired today folks...sorry) If our guys were to make a last go-round and play together for us...what would be your ideal set list? [638]
  34. If Ray and/or Dave were to write a song about "you" what would be the title, and lyrical content? [652]
  35. Which album contains the best opening track? Does the song lay the groundwork for what follows on that album, or is it just a killer track by itself? [658]
  36. What Kinks songs would you use for background music on your answering machine? [666]
  37. You are in possession of a device that will allow you one journey backwards or forwards in time, and you have decided you'd like to go see a Kinks koncert. What year, or period in their musical history, or even specific koncert, would you choose to attend? [703]
  38. What Kinks song or songs best portray the emotional state of the writer (Ray or Dave) at the time the song was written? [713]
  39. Let's pretend that Ray has decided to include a question and answer segment as part of his solo show, right after he comes back from the intermission. What would you ask him? If you'd like to, also speculate on his answer. [719]
  40. If you were the editor of a dictionary of the English language, what quote from a Kinks song would you use to illustrate the meaning of a word; or if you were the editor of a dictionary of humorous quotations, what Kinks quote (from a song, interview, book or other source) would you include? [728]
  41. If you've been invited to a Kinks-theme Halloween party, what character from a Kinks song, member of the Kinks, or physical object associated with the Kinks would you dress as? And how would you make your costume? [737]
  42. What is your favourite Kinks album cover, and why? [750]
  43. You're shopping for the holidays and there's someone on your list who is intrigued by your fascination with the Kinks but has never heard any of their music, so you want to buy them a Kinks album (or at most, two Kinks albums) to introduce them to our lads' music. Which album(s) would you choose? [762]
  44. If you could send a Christmas wish to Ray, Dave, or any other present or past member of The Kinks, what would you say? [773]
  45. Let's talk about Mick Avory and Bob Henrit. What Kinks song contains your favourite, or the most interesting/unusual, drumming? [790]
  46. What Kinks song(s) feature Ray's best or most interesting performances as a musician (guitarist or keyboard player)? [799]
  47. if you had the chance to record a 90-minute Kinks tape (say, 24 songs) to be played in a public setting like a bar, what would your track list be? [818]
  48. Are there any Kinks songs that start out promisingly, but fizzle and don't go anywhere, leaving you disappointed? Or, conversely: Are there any Kinks songs that start out weakly, but pick up steam and surprise you by the end of the song with how good they are? [828]
  49. What Kinks song that has been recorded both in the studio and live is most improved in the live version? [844]
  50. What is the best opening line of a Kinks song? [870]
  51. What are your five favorite songs written (or co-written) by Dave, performed either by The Kinks or by Dave solo? [888]
  52. Who would you like to hear do a Kinks cover -- what song, what artist, and what type of arrangement? [906]
  53. Did you ever lose interest in The Kinks for a time, and if so, what caused you to get interested again? [910]
  54. What was the first rock and roll record (45, LP, or even CD) you ever bought? And what was the first Kinks record you bought? [935]
  55. Suppose you work for Velvel and you have full access to all the Kinks material, including all demo's, out-takes, etc., for the RCA and Arista years, and your task is to put together a kompilation of about 3 or 4 CDs of music. Would it be a retrospective set or concentrate more on rarities? Who would be your "target audience"? [947]
  56. What was the first concert you ever attended? How about the first rock, Kinks, Ray, or Dave concert? [961]
  57. What five-song set list best illustrates the statement, "one of the good things about The Kinks is their songs don't all sound the same." [995]
  58. Is this a good time to be a Kinks fan? [1004]
  59. Have you ever skipped an important event in your personal life -- family, work, school, religious, romantic, financial or other -- in order to see The Kinks, Ray, or Dave? And how important an event WOULD you skip in order to see The Kinks? [1029]
  60. Have The Kinks or other musician(s) changed your life? If so, how? [1034]
  61. For those of you with children, what are your kids' five favourite Kinks songs? [1038]
  62. Many people have had the experience of drastically revising their opinion of a song with the passage of time. Which Kinks song has risen or fallen the most in your estimation? [1043]
  63. What did people get for the holidays that was Kinks-related? Or what did you give for the holidays that was Kinks-related? [1049]
  64. I would like to hear from some of you who read this digest but never post anything. How about if you tell us how you became a Kinks fan. [1057]
  65. What is the funniest line in any Kinks song? [1062]
  66. What is the saddest line in a Kinks song? [1070]
  67. What is the angriest line in a Kinks song? [1075]
  68. Is rock dead? [1081]
  69. Let's talk about rock and roll movies. What are some of your favourites? Or last favourite? Please consider movies that use a plot dealing with rock and oll (like "That Thing You Do" or "The Rose") or movies that are films of actual rock bands or events (like "Woodstock" or "The Last Waltz"). [1091]
  70. On this forum we talk mostly about the lead Kinks, Ray and Dave Davies, but what about the other members of the band? Of the other musicians who have belonged to The Kinks over the years -- Pete Quaife, Mick Avory, John Dalton, John Gosling, Jim Rodford, Ian Gibbons, Bob Henrit -- who played the most significant role in the band, and who is your favourite as a musician? [1103]
  71. As Kinks fans, what would we like to see Ray do next? Another solo tour, a solo album, a tour with The Kinks, an album with The Kinks (and if with The Kinks, which version of the band?). Or something else altogether? [1109]
  72. Please tell us about a song that, when you hear it, always reminds you either of the first time you heard it or of a particular incident. [1131]
  73. Have you ever named a pet or a child after a Kinks song or a member of The Kinks? [1143]
  74. What Kinks song or songs do you think are the most under-rated by Kinks fans, and why? [1159]