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The Kinks web page by Dave Emlen includes the Kinks internet mailing list digest archives. The site has information on how to be added to the mailing list. http://www.kindakinks.net/maillist/

Kinks Preservation Society members web pages [www.kinks.org appears to have been bought by some advertiser].

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KPS 3000 Thank you page

Rob Kopp's Kovers Spreadsheet (Feb 2014)

Ray Davies 70th Birthday Tribute on WHRW's 2014 (temporary)

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Kinks Crossword

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Index of Tributes for the 15th Anniversary of Dave Emlen's Unofficial Kinks Web Site

KInks favorite song poll 2008

10th Dutch Kinks Fans Meeting Announcement

Kinked Press Release from Koch

Translation of Tijdnet review of Other People's Live

Thanksgiving Day EP poll result: 53 people said they had bought the EP, 9 said they didn't.

99 Kinks Kovers tracklist [WORD file]

99 Kinks Kovers front cover image

99 Kinks Kovers back cover image

The Great Lost Kinks album - where tracks have appeared on official releases

The Kink Kronikles - where regular non-album tracks have appeared on official releases

Dave Davies 1969 old and new release analysis

The Songs and Queries of the Week List
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God Save the Kinks album cover

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Kinks pictures sent by Stan Cobb

Certificate of Appreciation from John Dalton

Kinks Lost Album front cover

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Kinks concert, and Ray and Dave solo concert poll results

Kovers 3 Contact Information

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Gzipped animated XMAS card

1974 NYC Ray Davies Interview from Circus Magazine