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Spain paperback

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

(Part of Continuum Books' 33 1/3 series.)


Andy Miller


US: The Continuum International Publishing Group, New York and London.
Spain: The Continuum International Publishing Group

Publishing Date:

US: October 2003
Spain: April 2013


US: 0-8264-1498-2
Spain: 978-84-613-6197-7

Misc. Stats:

US: Paperback, 4.75" x 6.5", 150 pages
Spain: Paperback, 4.75" x 6.5", 133 pages

Jacket notes:

Big Sky contains some of the most beautiful, thunderous music The Kinks ever recorded, aligned to a vulnerability and warmth no other group -- and I mean no other group -- could ever hope to equal. It is a perfectly balanced production. On the one hand, the mesh of cclattering drums and electric guitar never threatens to overwhelm the melody; on the other, the gossamer-light harmonies, Ray and Dave's vocal line traced by Rasa Davies' wordless falsetto, are bursting with emotion. When most of the instruments drop away at 1.20, the effect is effortlessly vivid -- two lines where Davies' performance is both nonchalant and impassioned. The result is wonderfully, enchantingly sad, made more so perhaps by the knowledge that The Kinks will never again sound so refined or so right.

Ignored by virtually everyone upon its release in November 1968, The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society is now seen as one of the best British albums ever recorded. Here, Andy Miller traces the perilous circumstances surrounding its creation, and celebrates the timeless, perfectly crafted songs pieced together by a band who were on the verge of disintegration and who refused to follow fashion.

Andy Miller is a writer living in London. His first book, Tilting at Windmills, was published in the UK by Viking in 2002.
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