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 Friday, 27th May, 2016
4:30 pm -  Here's a review of Sunny Afternoon.
12:21 pm -  According to this Facebook post, the Sunny Afternoon cast will be on Magic radio this Sunday.
12:11 pm -  According to this tweet, Ray will be presenting at the FOCAL International Awards.
12:07 pm -  The Sunny Afternoon cast will be performing at West End Live in June.
11:25 am -  Lancaster band The Manta Rays have a couple Kinks covers on YouTube: I'm Not Like Everybody Else and This Strange Effect.
 Thursday, 26th May, 2016
7:21 am -  Here's a photo of Ray and Bryan Adams from the Ivors.
 Tuesday, 24th May, 2016
10:06 am -  A couple photos of Ray at a movie premier last night here and here.
10:04 am -  Here's a blog post with anecdotes about Ira Kaplan's (of Yo La Tengo) conversation with Ray.
9:59 am -  Here's a blog post on "I'm Not Like Everybody Else".
 Saturday, 21st May, 2016
9:21 pm -  Here's an article about Dave having to once again correct the story of how he created the guitar sound on "You Really Got Me".
9:17 pm -  Here's an article on the Sunny Afternoon extension, with a quote from Ray.
 Friday, 20th May, 2016
10:47 am -  Sunny Afternoon's run at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London has been extended to 29th October. Tickets are on sale now. Here's a video from the Facebook page.
 Thursday, 19th May, 2016
2:56 pm -  Bryan Adam's Facebook page has a photo of himself with Ray from today.
1:40 pm -  According to this article, Ray presented a PRS for Music Special International Award to Bryan Adams. Bryan also told an anecdote about open for The Kinks.
10:26 am -  According to this tweet, Ray is at the Ivors lunch today.
 Wednesday, 18th May, 2016
4:15 pm -  The KinKs Heath Fest in Kings Heath, Birmingham (UK) will be on Sunday, 12 June at the Hare & Hounds and Fletchers Bar, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Kinks' Birmingham debut. Local musicians will pay their favourite Kinks songs and there will be prizes for "Best Dressed Dedicated Follower of Fashion". The day will culminate with a concert by headliners The Kast Off Kinks. Here's the press release and flyer.
 Tuesday, 17th May, 2016
11:24 am -  The Bass Player magazine interview with John Dalton and Jim Rodford is now online.
9:47 am -  The Sunny Afternoon cast has been confirmed to be performing at the World Cup '66 Live event.
9:45 am -  VGPS is included in Rolling Stone's list of 14 Classic Albums That Flopped When They Were Released.
 Monday, 16th May, 2016
10:54 am -  From Dave's Facebook page a couple days ago: "Check out my son Simon's band MASH - I love their sound."
10:31 am -  "All Day And All Of The Night" is being used in this mattress TV ad.
10:24 am -  Jan-Åke Ryberg sent in this photo of a vintage clothing store in Madrid called Kinda Kinks. Here's an article about the store.
10:06 am -  Henny Stahli, formerly of The Kinky2, now of BUS 59 with guitarist Amir Sofic, has a new CD called London-Paris-Berlin which has two Kinks/Ray cover songs. The CD is $10 or €10 (incl. P&P). Email Henny to order a copy. YouTube links: London-Paris-Berlin (the title track), Rosie Won't You Please Come Home?, and The Good Times Are Gone (a song from Return To Waterloo).
9:59 am -  Here's a corresponding blog post to the Rock Solid podcast from Friday.
 Friday, 13th May, 2016
2:37 pm -  The Rock Solid podcast has an all-Kinks episode this week, discussing the band's 1960s material. Listen to it on iTunes, Art19 or Here's the artwork:
11:06 am -  Here's another article about the Sunny Afternoon tour launch, including a video interview with the cast.
 Thursday, 12th May, 2016
11:10 am -  Here is Uncut's review of the "Kinked!" compilation of cover songs. And here's another review.
 Wednesday, 11th May, 2016
10:18 am -  According to this Facebook post there are Konk greeting cards for sale at Oxfam Crouch End.
9:59 am -  Michael Fracas will have a cover of "Better Things" on his forthcoming album Here Come The Savages. You can watch an older live performance of the song on YouTube.
9:55 am -  Here's a blog post on the Sunny Afternoon tour launch.
9:52 am -  Here's an interview with Danny Horn and Damien Walsh from the Sunny Afternoon tour launch yesterday.
 Tuesday, 10th May, 2016
12:58 pm -  This article by Mark Teehan is a comprehensive look at the entry into the singles charts & progress of "You Really Got Me" in the US market in 1964. A fascinating read, packed full of details about the music industry.
11:05 am -  There are photos from today's launch event for the Sunny Afternoon musical's tour (starting in August) on Facebook and Twitter.
 Monday, 9th May, 2016
2:17 pm -  Here's a recent photo of Ray at Sunny Afternoon.
2:16 pm -  According to this tweet a story about Ray was read on BBC Radio. (Click the link to the Soundcloud audio clip.)
9:47 am -  "Sunny Afternoon" is being used as background music in adverts for this event celebrating England's 1966 World Cup victory.
9:44 am -  There was a Kinks programme on radio France Inter yesterday.
 Friday, 6th May, 2016
3:34 pm -  I had added a festival gig for Ray on the Tour Dates page this morning ("On Track For Summer" festival in Windsor), but this article says it's actually the Sunny Afternoon cast that's appearing. So I have removed the festival from the Tour Dates page.
3:16 pm -  Ace Frehley mentions The Kinks in this interview. He's covered Till The End Of The Day on his new album.
9:50 am -  You can listen to "Long Tall Shorty" from the upcoming expanded Everybody's In Showbiz in this Rolling Stone article.
 Tuesday, 3rd May, 2016
9:24 am -  Here's an oil painting of Ray done by artist Annika Jägfeldt.
 Monday, 2nd May, 2016
4:21 pm -  According to this tweet, Ray's appearance at Hornsey Town Hall is sold out now.
11:11 am -  There are interviews with John Dalton and Jim Rodford in the current issue (May 2016) of Bass Player magazine.
9:03 am -  Mumford & Sons (and friends) performed a cover of "You Really Got Me" recently at their concert in Nashville.
 Sunday, 1st May, 2016
5:52 pm -  According to this tweet there's only a few tickets remaining for Ray's Hornsey appearance in June.
 Friday, 29th April, 2016
2:02 pm -  Ray is included in this Telegraph article on 12 famous fellas who want men to talk about mental health.
1:48 pm -  A few Kinks songs are mentioned in this article on pop music as public address.
11:08 am -  Here's an NME article about Ray's Hornsey Town Hall event. And a couple more articles from Ham & High and Uncut.
9:31 am -  Here's a direct link to purchase tickets for Ray's Hornsey appearance. VIP package tickets are sold out already.
9:29 am -  Here's a live cover of "Lola" by Lake Street Dive.
 Thursday, 28th April, 2016
9:41 am -  Ray will be appearing at the Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre on Sunday, 26th June, in conversation with Mark Hamill and with musical accompaniment. Tickets go on sale tomorrow.
 Wednesday, 27th April, 2016
9:23 am -  "Tired Of Waiting For You" is used in this new TV ad for McCain baked potatoes.
 Monday, 25th April, 2016
1:21 pm -  The Kinks are mentioned in this article about The Liverbirds.
10:48 am -  The full version of the Mark Hamill interview with Dave is now online.
10:45 am -  "Lola" is included on this BBC list of The 10 best pop songs chanted at football matches.
 Friday, 22nd April, 2016
12:18 pm -  Here's a post with various people's recollections of a 1974 Kinks concert.
12:07 pm -  From Dave's Facebook page today: "RIP PRINCE - he was a talented all round performer artist guitar player. a one of a kind, an innovator- a sad loss- ultimate modern r&b with rock sensibilty, delightful camp persona with delicious sexual ambiguity - he will be missed. - Dave"
11:15 am -  The full version of the Mark Hamill interview with Ray from the Big Issue is now online.
9:03 am -  Watch the band Curry Combo performing Give the People What They Want (in German) at their farewell concert on 5 Feb. 2016.
 Wednesday, 20th April, 2016
12:38 pm -  Here's an article about the Alexandra pub and the Kinks.
 Tuesday, 19th April, 2016
1:55 pm -  On Dave's Facebook page there are photos of him and Mark Hamill attending a performance of Sunny Afternoon.
1:51 pm -  In addition to his interview with Ray last week, Mark Hamill interviews Dave in the new issue of The Big Issue.
1:41 pm -  There's a Kinks tribute show this Thursday at the IOTA Club & Cafe in Arlington, Virginia, with various local artists performing Kinks songs.
 Monday, 18th April, 2016
9:54 am -  Here's a review of the "Kinked!" compilation of Kinks kover songs.
9:36 am -  Here's a blog post on Arthur.
 Thursday, 14th April, 2016
2:15 pm -  In this Van Halen interview, they mention playing six different Kinks songs.
1:56 pm -  This lengthy new thread on The Kinks at the Steve Hoffman forum makes for good reading.
1:47 pm -  According to this article (in Swedish), the song "Sunny Afternoon" is used in the new film "El Clan" from Argentinian director Pablo Trapero.
1:42 pm -  A reminder about the two EPs being released on Record Store Day this Saturday in the US: Mister Pleasant and Dave Davies Hits.
 Wednesday, 13th April, 2016
11:09 am -  Here's another article on the expanded Everybody's In Show-Biz release.
11:08 am -  Here's an article about an artist who will perform instrumental jazz re-workings of 12 Kinks songs at the Ribble Valley Jazz Festival this month.
10:33 am -  Here's an excerpt of the Mark Hamill interview with Ray in the current issue of The Big Issue.
10:07 am -  This article on Merle Haggard's songwriting compares him to Ray.
 Tuesday, 12th April, 2016
11:11 am -  Here's an article on the upcoming expanded edition of Everybody's In Show-Biz.
9:51 am -  There will be a Kinks (and Smiths) tribute show in Tribeca, New York City this Friday, April 15th.
9:36 am -  A "deluxe" version of Everybody's In Showbiz is due for release on June 3rd as a 3-LP set and 2-CD set.
9:23 am -  You can listen to guitarist Mark Doyle's instrumental version of I Go To Sleep from 2011.
 Monday, 11th April, 2016
9:27 am -  Kinks tribute band The Konks have a gig in London on Saturday, 16 April, at The White Swan Pub Charlton.
9:25 am -  "Waterloo Sunset is at #45 and "Lola is at #5 on The Telegraph's list of 100 greatest songs of all time.
9:22 am -  Here's an article on the song "Come Dancing".
9:21 am -  Ray is mentioned in this article about a recording studio in Hull.
 Saturday, 9th April, 2016
2:34 pm -  The Kinks at the BBC is on BBC4 tonight at 12 midnight.
 Friday, 8th April, 2016
1:01 pm -  Mark Hamill interviews Ray in the next issue of The Big Issue.
10:42 am -  "See My Friends" is mentioned in this article about Ravi Shankar and the sitar.
 Thursday, 7th April, 2016
1:36 pm -  There's an Absolute Kinks tribute show coming up in Leicester on Friday, 13 May. Tickets are on sale. Other dates are scheduled over the summer.
 Wednesday, 6th April, 2016
1:06 pm -  "Dreams" was played at the end of the April 3rd episode of the TV show "Last Man On Earth". That makes 5 Kinks songs played on the show over its two seasons.
9:13 am -  A French translation of Americana will be published tomorrow.
 Tuesday, 5th April, 2016
9:04 am -  Dave's Facebook page has a recent photo of him at a record shop in London.
 Monday, 4th April, 2016
9:31 am -  You can buy a copy of Terry Reid + The Jigsaw Seen Live, a 2-song EP CD, limited to 500 copies, with proceeds going to the Pete Quaife Foundation.
 Friday, 1st April, 2016
10:30 am -  Ray is included in this list of Famous people who saved the lives of real people.
10:25 am -  Mick is in Rolling Stone's list of 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time.
 Thursday, 31st March, 2016
9:21 am -  Eddie Reader mentions Ray in this interview.
9:21 am -  Noel Fielding mentions Ray in this interview.
 Wednesday, 30th March, 2016
4:12 pm -  Here's an article on Sleepwalker.
10:06 am -  "All Day And All Of The Night" is used in this trailer for the film "Bobby". Ray is in the film, according to the description on Amazon.
 Tuesday, 29th March, 2016
9:46 am -  Here's yet another Kinks cover by Ron Sexsmith.
 Monday, 28th March, 2016
9:37 am -  According to this article, Ray is a listener of the Football Weekly podcast.
9:31 am -  You can listen again to the 2010 interview with Ray from BBC Radio Wales yesterday.
9:27 am -  Here's a review of Dave's I Will Be Me album.
 Friday, 25th March, 2016
2:42 pm -  You can listen again to the interview with Ray on BBC Radio Cumbria. Starts around 05:30.
 Thursday, 24th March, 2016
10:55 am -  Here's an article on The Kinks' RCA years.
10:44 am -  You can watch a 1994 interview with Shel Talmy.
10:34 am -  In this interview with Paul Martin, he talks about living next door to Ray and also knowing Dave and Mick. (Starts around 04:14.)
10:33 am -  Here's a video promoting the "Kinked!" compilation of Kinks cover songs, which will be released tomorrow.
9:31 am -  Here's an article about "Strangers".
 Tuesday, 22nd March, 2016
12:43 pm -  There will be an interview with Ray on BBC Radio Wales this Sunday.
 Monday, 21st March, 2016
10:34 am -  Ray is name-checked in the song "Open Road" by John Styles.
10:26 am -  There's a Ray Davies tribute act based in London. He has a video on YouTube.
10:22 am -  Here's an article about village greens.
10:21 am -  Here's another article on the "Kinked! Kinks Songs & Sessions 1964-1971" compilation of Kinks cover songs, to be released this Friday.
9:36 am -  Here's an article on The Kinks: 10 Best Songs of All Time.
 Friday, 18th March, 2016
3:15 pm -  Bobcat Goldthwait mentions in this interview that he would still like to do a Schoolboys In Disgrace movie.
3:13 pm -  There will be an interview with Ray on BBC Radio Cumbria next Friday.
2:10 pm -  Be sure to check out this awesome trailer for the new Spanish Kinks book, The Kinks - Riffs, kontroversia y té cada tarde.
1:48 pm -  Here's a review of Sunny Afternoon.
12:01 pm -  Tickets are now on sale for the Official Kinks Fan Club meeting at the Boston Arms in London on Sunday, 27 November 2016.
11:47 am -  The latest episode of the Kinks and Beats Podcast is available, talking about Preservation Acts 1 & 2.
 Thursday, 17th March, 2016
11:12 am -  Dave is mentioned in this article on celebrities with similar/identical names.
10:52 am -  According to this tweet, you can bid on a guitar signed by Ray, tonight at An Evening with Suggs and Friends.
 Wednesday, 16th March, 2016
11:29 am -  Sunny Afternoon is included in this review of several jukebox musicals.
 Tuesday, 15th March, 2016
9:38 am -  "Waterloo Sunset" is included on the SideStory Map of London Songs.
 Saturday, 12th March, 2016
9:32 pm -  You can read the interview with Ray from Sunday's Event magazine online.
4:38 pm -  According to this tweet, there will be a piece on Ray in tomorrow's Event magazine.
 Friday, 11th March, 2016
10:09 am -  Ray is one of the specialist subjects in tonight's Mastermind.
10:00 am -  The Kinks' Facebook page has a scan of a page from the 8-page interview/feature on Dave Davies in the April issue of Mojo magazine (with Iggy Pop on the cover).
 Thursday, 10th March, 2016
11:45 am -  Here's an interview (article in Italian, video in English) with Ray and Dave's nephew Phil Palmer.
11:25 am -  Dave's Instagram page has a photo of himself with Shel Talmy from last year.
 Wednesday, 9th March, 2016
1:42 pm -  From Dave's Facebook page today:
He gave the Beatles their sound
Probably one of the most important engineer/producers of our age
His influence spans generations
A gifted creative and inspired force in popular music
We'll never see the likes again God bless you George Martin
- Dave Davies
9:59 am -  According to this NME article, Mumford & Sons covered "You Really Got Me" at the Okeechobee Music Festival in Florida this past weekend.
9:46 am -  For Record Store Day in the US, 16 April, there will be two vinyl EP reproductions released: Mister Pleasant (the French EP, but with an extra track) and Dave Davies Hits. In the UK on 23 April there will a The Kinks In Koncert 65 LP released, limited to 1000 copies.
9:24 am -  Casting callsfor the Sunny Afternoon touring company have been posted.
 Tuesday, 8th March, 2016
12:11 pm -  Don't forget there's a Kinks Night at the Clissold Arms this Friday, with Kinks songs performed by Alex S. Tower, Sam Shepherd and Mike Temple.
12:08 pm -  Here's a video from the Sunny Afternoon cast. Voting closes this Friday.
12:06 pm -  From Dave's Facebook page today: "Where's Dave? Busy working on new music and sometimes he's on Twitter !"
12:01 pm -  Here's a video interview with Dave from 2010.
 Monday, 7th March, 2016
1:07 pm -  Here's new Kinks cover by Ron Sexsmith ("Sweet Lady Genevieve").
9:51 am -  According to this, there will be a Kinks tribute show at Gunston Hall Coastal Village in Suffolk next month.
9:42 am -  The episode of "Later with Jools Holland" with Ray and Mumford & Sons performing Days/This Time Tomorrow aired on German TV ZDF on Saturday.
9:40 am -  Here's a review of the Arthur album.
 Friday, 4th March, 2016
9:37 am -  There is still time to vote for Sunny Afternoon for the Magic Radio Audience Award at the Olivier Awards.
 Thursday, 3rd March, 2016
2:38 pm -  Shel Naylor, who covered Dave's song "One Fine Day" is mentioned in this article on alumni of the Caludon Castle School.
2:34 pm -  Here's a blog post on the Arthur album.
 Tuesday, 1st March, 2016
11:00 pm -  Ronnie Spector covers "Tired Of Waiting" on her new album English Heart, due in April.
1:31 pm -  Here's a preview article for the Kast Off Kinks' gig in Derby this Friday.
1:29 pm -  You can enter to win a pair of Sunny Afternoon tickets.
1:26 pm -  Here's an article on The Kinks.
 Monday, 29th February, 2016
12:18 pm -  The Kinks' Official Merchandise Store has some new t-shirts available for pre-order.
12:15 pm -  "Have A Cuppa Tea" was played on the BBC Radio 4 programme Saturday Live this weekend, during a feature on a lady who had collected over 700 teapots.
 Sunday, 28th February, 2016
6:58 am -  Tickets for the Kast Off Kinks' Sunny Afternoon 50th Anniversary gig in Broxbourne on 18 June 2016 are now available. (Numbers are limited.)
 Thursday, 25th February, 2016
1:03 pm -  The Kinks are mentioned as influences in this article on Pittsburgh band Meeting Of Important People.
11:47 am -  There's a review of Dave's London concert from December in the latest issue of Record Collector magazine.
 Wednesday, 24th February, 2016
12:44 pm -  The Kinks were mentioned in the second episode of the HBO series "Vinyl" -- a new band called Nasty Bits must learn "All Day And All Of The Night" for an audition at a record company.
11:32 am -  Here's an interview with Kinks guitar tech Colin Burns.
 Tuesday, 23rd February, 2016
9:13 am -  You can vote for Sunny Afternoon for the Magic Radio Audience Award at the Olivier Awards.
 Monday, 22nd February, 2016
5:53 pm -  Sky TV closed their coverage of the Northern Trust Open golf tournament (near Hollywood) by playing "Celluloid Heroes".
7:58 am -  Here's an article on the Return To Waterloo film.
 Sunday, 21st February, 2016
11:18 am -  Henny has uploaded on YouTube the last portion of footage of "THE KINKY2"- live. It's from the Broxbourne show, May 2008 in England. It was also the last real performance of "THE KINKY2".
 Saturday, 20th February, 2016
8:12 am -  A new book in Spanish about The Kinks has been published: The Kinks. Riffs, kontroversia y té cada tarde (The Kinks. Riffs, kontroversy and tea every afternoon).
 Friday, 19th February, 2016
3:07 pm -  There's a feature on Dave in the new issue of Mojo.
 Wednesday, 17th February, 2016
3:40 pm -  Here's a podcast that discusses the Kinks' US ban.
12:14 pm -  Here's an article about an early Kinks gig in Coventry.
 Monday, 15th February, 2016
10:16 am -  Happy Birthday to Mick Avory!
10:12 am -  From Ray's Facebook page today: "Ray's film, Return to Waterloo, will be shown at the Lincoln Center, NYC, Feb 21st!" 16th Edition of Film Comment Selects.
9:17 am -  A new post on Alan's Album Archives: The Kinks: Non-Album Recordings 1963-1991.
 Friday, 12th February, 2016
11:35 am -  Here's an article on a new compilation of Kinks cover songs, Kinked! Kinks Songs and Sessions 1964-1971, to be released on 25 March 2016.
11:29 am -  Dave is mentioned in this article on the History of the Flying V.
 Thursday, 11th February, 2016
11:46 am -  The next Kinks Night at the Clissold Arms will be Friday, 11th March at 8PM, with Graham Corbould performing Kinks covers.
 Wednesday, 10th February, 2016
10:18 am -  Here's a preview article with a John Dalton interview, for the Kast Off Kinks gig in Glenrothes this Friday.
10:11 am -  From Dave's Facebook page: "RIP the talented Pixi Morgan who opened for Dave Davies' show at the Barbican in London 2013."
 Monday, 8th February, 2016
9:50 am -  According to this Daily Mail article, Mick Jagger's son prefers the Kinks over the Rolling Stones.
 Saturday, 6th February, 2016
2:04 pm -  Happy Birthday John Gosling!
 Friday, 5th February, 2016
9:49 am -  Here's a video interview with Danny Horn, the actor playing Ray in Sunny Afternoon.
 Thursday, 4th February, 2016
9:21 am -  Here's a blog post on "This Time Tomorrow".
9:18 am -  Here's a blog post on Dave's birthday yesterday.
 Wednesday, 3rd February, 2016
12:51 pm -  Happy 69th Birthday to Dave Davies!
12:50 pm - has a list of The Kinks' 14 Best Tracks, Ranked in honor of Dave's birthday.
 Tuesday, 2nd February, 2016
11:36 am -  You can listen again to a BBC Radio Wales interview with Oliver Hoare, who plays Dave in the Sunny Afternoon musical. (Starts around 17:55.)
10:32 am -  "You Really Got Me" was played on the CBS morning news program today, while they discussed the Super Bowl.
 Monday, 1st February, 2016
2:07 pm -  Here's a blog post (in Hungarian) on The Kinks.
 Friday, 29th January, 2016
4:08 pm -  Astronaut Tim Peake tweeted Kinks lyrics from onboard the International Space Station.
 Thursday, 28th January, 2016
10:02 am -  According to this article there will be a Ray Davies/Kinks tribute at the Ribble Valley Jazz Festival on Friday, 29 April, at the Grand Theatre in Clitheroe, Lancashire.
 Wednesday, 27th January, 2016
12:50 pm -  Here's a preview article for the Kast Off Kinks' concert in Preston, including an interview with John Dalton.
 Tuesday, 26th January, 2016
12:41 pm -  This article on the Smithereens mentions Dennis Diken playing in Dave's band.
9:35 am -  Here's a review of the Sunny Afternoon musical.
 Monday, 25th January, 2016
11:19 am -  This article rehashes the recent Mojo article about Ray recording his Americana album.
 Friday, 22nd January, 2016
1:25 pm -  The March 2016 issue of Uncut magazine (the David Bowie Memorial Special issue) has a "The Kinks Reunited" piece written by Nick Hasted.
 Thursday, 21st January, 2016
1:02 pm -  Ray's Facebook page has a scan of the recent Mojo article.
1:00 pm -  The Kinks are included in Rolling Stone's Readers' Poll: 10 Rock Bands You Hope to See Reunite.
 Wednesday, 20th January, 2016
1:36 pm -  Here's an article on "Catch Me Now I'm Falling".
 Tuesday, 19th January, 2016
9:04 am -  Ray and Mick write about how "Waterloo Sunset" was made.
9:03 am -  Here's an article on Dave's son Daniel Davies.
9:02 am -  Here's an interview with Dave.
 Monday, 18th January, 2016
10:47 am -  The latest issue of Mojo magazine (Feb. 2016, with the Sex Pistols on the cover) has a short article on Ray and the recording of his new album. There's a photo of Ray in the studio and a sidebar with song titles. It says the album will be released in the summer.
10:45 am -  "Days" (the original Kinks recording) was used in Friday's episode of EastEnders, as an integral part of a story.
10:21 am -  Dennis Diken talks about playing in Dave's band in this interview.
 Friday, 15th January, 2016
9:31 am -  Dave is mentioned in this Flying V article on the Gibson web site.
 Tuesday, 12th January, 2016
12:40 pm -  Here's an article on a 1964 concert where David Bowie was a support act for the Kinks (and others).
12:39 pm -  Ray and Dave's on-stage reunion was mentioned in this Groundhog Daze blog post.
 Monday, 11th January, 2016
10:08 am -  From Dave's Facebook page today: "I am so terribly shocked and stunned by the passing of David Bowie today. We were friends in the early days and I have followed his amazing and inspirational career ever since. A genius, and an artist and innovator who has influence so many people deeply and profoundly on many levels. Emotionally, creatively, Spiritually. His work will resonate long into the future and the planet is a much richer and fertile place because of his prescence here. God Bless you David. You will be dearly missed but we have your music as supreme legacy for us and our children. May your Spirit soar through the heavens going ever forward with grace, Light Love and beauty. Love, Dave". On Ray's page he posted a link to his 2003 duet with David Bowie on "Waterloo Sunset".
 Thursday, 7th January, 2016
10:16 am -  There's an article about The Kinks and Muswell Hillbillies in the new 1971 issue of Uncut's "History of Rock" magazine.
 Wednesday, 6th January, 2016
9:42 am -  Here's an article on the 12th anniversary yesterday of Ray's shooting in New Orleans.
 Tuesday, 5th January, 2016
10:08 am -  Here's an article about "The World Keeps Going Round".
10:03 am -  Here's an article about Ray and Dave performing together last month.
 Monday, 28th December, 2015
9:05 am -  Here's a new cover of I Go To Sleep.
9:04 am -  Here's an article (in Spanish) about meeting Ray in Hamburg.
9:03 am -  Here's a review of a new book on 1966 that features "Dead End Street".
9:02 am -  The SiriusXM Chris Carter British Invasion radio show on Channel 21 had a 5-hour Kinks special on Saturday.
9:01 am -  Ray was on the Best of the Guests 2015 BBC Radio podcast (starts around 01:12:57).
8:48 am -  Here's an article on "Father Christmas".
 Thursday, 24th December, 2015
11:54 am -  "Father Christmas" has advanced to the final in Guitar World's Best Holiday Rock Song Poll. Be sure to vote for it today.
11:42 am -  Henny Stahli (formerly of the Kinky2) and Amir Sofic wish you A Very Pretty 2016.... (There's a Kinks reference at 3:20.)
 Wednesday, 23rd December, 2015
1:43 pm -  You can enter to win Kinks on vinyl.
12:38 pm -  The Kinks are mentioned in this short film about London.
12:35 pm -  Guitar World's Holiday Rock Song Poll is still going on -- vote for "Father Christmas".
9:47 am -  You can enter to win a pair of tickets to Sunny Afternoon plus a London hotel stay.
9:45 am -  Here's a Sunny Afternoon ticket offer.
9:44 am -  The Independent has an article about Ray showing up to Dave's London concert last week.
9:42 am -  Give The People What They Want is included in this Christmas Record Guide For The Classic Rock Lover In Your Life blog post.
9:40 am -  "Days" was played over the end credits of last night's BBC 2 programme about the "Dad's Army" TV show.
 Tuesday, 22nd December, 2015
1:28 pm -  Dave's band member Johnathan Lea tells his version of events when Ray joined Dave on stage last week.
12:29 pm -  According to this, there will be an interview with Ray in the next issue of Uncut.
10:26 am -  "Waterloo Sunset" is mentioned in this editorial in The Sydney Morning Herald.
10:23 am -  "Johnny Thunder" is mentioned in this review of the Who's Tommy (in comparison with "Go To The Mirror").
 Monday, 21st December, 2015
12:30 pm -  Here's an article on "Father Christmas".
10:19 am -  The Steve Hoffman forum has a thread about Ray joining Dave onstage.
10:18 am -  Here's a blog post about Kinks songs.
10:15 am -  More photos and video of Ray and Dave at Dave's London concert here, here, here, and here.
10:05 am -  Several articles about Dave's London concert:,,, Washington Post, VintageRock, Uncut, Rolling Stone,,, NME and
9:59 am -  Here's an article on Why the Kinks Shouldn't Reunite.
 Friday, 18th December, 2015
7:06 pm -  Ray and Dave performed on stage together tonight for the first time in 19 years, with Ray singing "You Really Got Me" with Dave and his band during the encore of Dave's concert in London. Many photos: here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. And here's a video.
1:19 pm -  You can vote for "Father Christmas" in the current round of Guitar World's Best Holiday Rock Song Poll.
9:34 am -  Dave plays the Islington Assembly Hall in London tonight.
9:28 am -  Here's a Sunny Afternoon ticket offer.
 Thursday, 17th December, 2015
9:29 am -  The Kinks and Ray are mentioned in this interview with Squeeze.
 Tuesday, 15th December, 2015
9:46 am -  Here's part two of the Alan's Album Archives post on Kinks solo/live/compilation albums.
 Monday, 14th December, 2015
10:14 am -  "Father Christmas" is mention in this article on Christmas songs.
10:09 am -  A photographer tells the story behind a Kinks photo shoot in this Facebook post.
 Friday, 11th December, 2015
9:09 am -  Here's a trailer video for the Sunny Afternoon tour.
9:08 am -  Here's another article about the Sunny Afternoon tour.
9:07 am -  Here's an article about the Sunny Afternoon musical going on tour in the UK next summer. Tickets on sale now.
 Thursday, 10th December, 2015
3:37 pm -  Here's an article about an audience member's experience at a performance of Sunny Afternoon.
 Wednesday, 9th December, 2015
11:56 am -  Here's a new interview with Dave.
9:31 am -  This new Alan's Album Archives post discusses the Kinks' non-studio albums (compilations, live albums, etc.).
9:29 am -  Here's a new interview with actor John Dagleish.
 Tuesday, 8th December, 2015
9:26 am -  Here's an interview with Ray's music publisher.
 Monday, 7th December, 2015
9:51 am -  Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens cover "Days" in this video.
9:32 am -  Here's a new article by Ray about the Kinks' early success.
 Thursday, 3rd December, 2015
2:58 pm -  You can win tickets to Dave's Islington Assembly Hall show in London on 18 December.
1:20 pm -  Here's a new interview with Dave.
12:57 pm -  Danny Horn finished second for the West End Frame's Best West End Debut award.
9:59 am -  Ron Sexsmith covers another Kinks song: A Little Bit Of Emotion.
 Tuesday, 1st December, 2015
12:12 pm -  Billboard has a new interview with Ray.
12:12 pm -  Here's an article on the Kink Kontroversy album.
9:06 am -  Alan's Album Archives has a new post about The Kinks: Surviving TV Appearances: 1964-1995. And here's a direct link to the playlist on YouTube.
9:02 am -  Here's an article on the VGPS album.
9:00 am -  Here's an article (in Italian) about remastered Kinks albums.
 Monday, 30th November, 2015
11:09 am -  The Kinks' Facebook page has a discount code for the official merchandise store.
9:35 am -  Today is the final day to vote in the 2015 Top 77 song survey.
9:33 am -  Here's an article on the 45th anniversary of the Lola vs. Powerman... album.
9:32 am -  Here's a blog post about "Autumn Almanac".
9:31 am -  Here's a review of the Sunny Afternoon compilation CD.
9:30 am -  Here's a blog review of the Kink Kontroversy album.
9:28 am -  In this Iain Lee video interview he talks about Ray and the Kinks, and they screen the "Come Dancing" video (starts around 44:11).
9:26 am -  Johnny Flynn mentions his role in the Julien Temple Kinks film in this interview.
9:25 am -  The Sunny Afternoon cast will be performing a charity concert on Sunday, 17 January 2016.

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