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The Current Line-Up Includes.......
Simon van den Bergh with Ray Davies
Ksenia Nemchinova with Ray Davies
Roshen Kaye with Ray Davies
Shawn Rush with FranK Lima
James with Ray Davies at Grange Park
Gerard Meereboer with Jim Rodford and Ray
Davy Gallagher with Ray and Mick
Brian Shaw and Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Frank Lima and his Kinks license plate
FranK, Christine and Jayne in Edinburgh
Frank Lima's photos from London
Frank Lima and Ron Lancashire in Perth
Ray and Sean in Nottingham
James gets Ray Davies' autograph
Jeff Raskin with the Kast Off Kinks
Bruce MacQueen in London
Texas duo "Silver Shoes" with Dave
Richard Marcoux's photos from Montreal
Timothy Brooks from Staffs, UK
Martin Kalin's son Brock
Frank Lima at Irving Plaza, March 2006
Alain Desjardins & friends with Ray Davies
Ray signs Bruce MacQueen's guitar
Stuart Bonnington with Ray Davies
Alan Kurzer with Ray Davies
Ruud and Simon with Mick Avory
Paco with Ray Davies in Nottingham
Matthias Freund and Ariane Müller
Pete David from Chicago
Rob Peirson and Lloyd Jansen in London
Bryan Boggs & friends in the 1980s
Simon van den Bergh and Rob Kopp with Mick Avory
Jim Chisholm playing guitar
Gert Eggens with Pete Quaife
Koos van Brakel with Pete Quaife
Gard van Brakel with Pete Quaife
Patrick Costello with Dave Davies
Bergenkink singing "You Really Got Me"
Stuart Bonnington at Yellowstone Park
Lee Arthur Wilkerson with his Dave Davies poster
Paco with Mick Avory
Frank Lima with his Kinks bumper sticker
Brian Claydon and Dave Davies
Norm Meder with Dave Davies
Mario Sanchez and his Kinks shirt
Paul Mamolou with Ray Davies
Recent photos of FranK Lima in NYC
Kinks brick & Kathy, Lee and Gary
Adam McIntyre with Ray Davies
'B' Bentley from Stafford, England
Thorbjörn Pluten's photos from the 2003 Fan Club Meeting
Spanish Kinks fans Paco, Carlos, Samuel and Salvador
Marlene Claydon and Frank Reda in Baltimore
FranK Lima at the Ritz in Paris
Manuel and Alvaro Recio with Ray Davies
Julia Kjeldahl
Recent photo of Frank Lima
Carrie Gooch with Ray Davies in Stockport
10-year-old Keith Provost with Ray Davies
Chuck Moody in 1973
Roy Van Eijk with Ray, Jim, Bob & Ian
Dave Collins with Dave Davies
Frank Lima and his band(s), ca. 1969-70
Gillian Lomax with Dave Davies
Åke Banksell in 1965
Steve Kondrup's Sleepwalker Jacket
Ben with Ray Davies in Minneapolis
Olga Ruocco with Ray Davies
Spev with Ray Davies
Stef Cole with Ray Davies
Richard Roocroft with Ray Davies
Carolina Pumarejo Mtz with Ray Davies
Claude Mariottini with Ray Davies and Olga
FranK Lima and Ray, 1977
Phil and Ray Davies (on Phil's scooter)

Cuco Rios and Fran Villasenin with Ray Davies
Bjørn (Bergenkink) with Mick Avory
Harry Ergenzinger and Dave Davies
Roel Dijksterhuis with a painting done by his daughter
Laura Seel at Konk and with Ray
Raving Dave Fans in W. Warwick, RI
Sooze, Olga, Ellie and Carrie
Jurrien Schadron with Dave Davies in Hannover
Bjørn Eilert Mork from Bergen, Norway
Denise Lattwein and Dave Davies in Stuttgart
Helge Buttkereit and Mick Avory
Thomas Bartoldus and Dave Davies in Bielefeld
George Bilikas, from Greece
Keld Nilsson and Ray Davies in Copenhagen
Thorbjörn Pluten and Ray Davies in Tivoli
Carrie, Ellie, Harry and Ray in Liverpool
Carrie, Roo and Ellie in Manchester, Feb., 2001
Fritz, Lesley, Joanne and David, Aug. 2000
Olga's photos from the 2001 Dutch fan meeting
Olga, Roo and Ellie in Manchester
Phyllis (from Seattle) with Ray Davies
Tommi Sarja at the Clissold Arms
Kelly Lake in her Kinks-like velvet jacket
Peter Riccio and Julie Reid at the Clissold Arms
Well Respected Spivs at the Archway Tavern
Fans at the Clissold Arms, Nov. 25th, 2000
Rick Fox and Friends at the Sit 'n Bull
Keiyu Nunomara from Japan
Pam and Mark Velten from Ohio, USA
Mary and Dave's Kinks tour of London
Dave fans in Salisbury, Mass.
Fernanda Briz from Argentina
A couple photos of fans from Olga
Laurie & Mike's tour of Kinky London
Jen Evans outside the Clissold Arms
Ellen Botelho and Dave Davies
Yoshi, Kate, and Lee on Hollywood Blvd.
Ray Davies signs Chris Kocher's shirt
More of Olga's fan photos
Olga's fan photos from NYC
Olga with Ray and Pete M. in NYC
Chris Kocher's trip to London
Chris Kocher, Julia Reinhart & Ray
Katie Shiban outside the Clissold Arms
Olga with Dave Davies at the Sit n Bull
Robertone and his band (from Rome, Italy)
Richard Marcoux (from Québec)
Lanny (from Texas)
Marcia (from Brazil) and Junko (from Japan)
Bo and Eva outside the Clissold Arms
stevenkarmi in Miami
Sean O'Brien and Dave Davies
Ed Hess and Ray Davies
Jeff Raskin's recent photos from Muswell Hill
Shawn Rush with Ray Davies
Harry Ergenzinger before a Storyteller show
Gert Eggens impersonating John Fogerty
Three photos of Kathy Ruiz with Dave Davies
A group of friendly faces after a Dave show
Paul Dregseth and his '65 Ford Custom
Frank Meder and Tom Church with Dave Davies
Norm Meder and Dave Davies
Ashe K.
Olga Ruocco and Linda Kraus with Ray Davies
Jill Brand, Dave Davies & Joanne Corsano
Felix Gibbons, son of Ian & Amanda
Mark Hanover at a Dave show
Bill & Julie Orton, Urs Steiger & Harald Stahl
"Freaky Frank" singing with Dave Davies
Laurie Lyons and her dog, Chip
Olga with the members of the Kast Off Kinks
Dave Emlen's dog, Rasa
Shawn Rush and Ray
Pictures from Olga Ruocco
Pictures from Jeff Raskin
Olga and Ray
Mary Lawson and Ray
Kenny Starr
Kathy Ruiz and the San Diego Chapter of the KPS
Randolph Carleton Wright
Jennifer Christy-Vient
Leslie and Dave
Roel Dijksterhuis and children
Chris, Kate, Annie and Bill
Gert and shirt
Jim Smart and Mitch
The infamous Keene Group
Jill, Ray and Bob
The Fella From Venezuela
Various pictures from Jeff Raskin
Fans at Wolftrap
Peter Bocher and Cynthia
Various pictures from Kate and Annie
Various pictures from Katie
Various pictures from Julie
Marianne and Julie
Jim Smart
Annette Stephens
Gert Eggens and friends
The Frank the Younger
The Sit n' Bull Gang
Jill's kids
Julie and Yoshi
Neil and Alan Ottenstein
Yoshi and Bill
Yoshi, Georga and Larry
Ray, Dennis and Barbara
Bob Friske
Ryan Nichols
Julie Reid - caught in an act
Wes Gottlock and Ray Davies
Bruce MacQueen with Dave and Ray
Jay Raskin and Ray - Westbeth Theater, Feb. '96
The Camden Head Pub - Where the early Kinks held auditions
Bruce MacQueen and Ray at record signing
Yoshi and Doug Hinman
Jim Smart
Ray and Kate Hunter
Another one of Ray
Ray at record signing
Erick and friend at Westbeth
Yoshi with Dutch Kinks fans Rob Kopp and Tracy Noonan
Jonathan Lau
Erick and Dave
Ray at the Toad's concert
Julie with Pete Mathison
Pandora with her 2-eyed cat
Julie Reid
Mandy, Aaron and Dave at Tortilla Flats
Phyllis, Yoshi and Larry
Bill, Ellen and Doreen at Tortilla Flats
The Boston Kinks Kontingent
Ray and friends
Dave and Phyllis, Diane etc.
Monika and Phyllis
Ray and a plate
Maria, Monika and Phyllis
Ray and Dave Davies at Cohasset
Dave Davies at Cohasset
Dennis 'The Apeman' Hecht
Ray and Joanne
Bill and Ray
Phyllis and Ray
Yoshi, Maria, Phyllis, Eamon & Jerry
Group shot - Cohasset
The Frank and Maria
The Frank and Marianne
Maria and Eamon

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