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 Tuesday, 5th October, 2021
11:52 am - Mark Teehan has updated his article on the charting of the "Set Me Free" single to version 2.0. Mark says, "After obtaining some new, rare info from renowned Kinks' authority Doug Hinman, this writer decided to integrate it into a Version 2.0 of my 'Set Me Free' essay, after receiving gracious permission from Doug. My full appreciation and thanks are extended to Doug, who shared these unique facts with this writer." In Mark's State of Explanation For Version 2.0, he lists the pages in the article where the new information can be found.
 Monday, 27th September, 2021
11:24 am - Mark Teehan's latest scholarly article is a detail analysis of the charting of the "Set Me Free" single in the UK and USA. Mark writes, "At long last, here it is, the sad saga of 'Set Me Free'. I still cannot believe how much work that I put into it. Part of that was due to the pop music background section, and The Kinks' internal situation. The rest was attributable to the indefatigable Doug Hinman, who, as usual, was extremely helpful and supportive. Then there was the high standard set by the late, great Johnny Rogan, whose incredible body of work and his opus, Ray Davies: A Complicated Life, truly inspired me." Be sure to check out Mark's previous papers on the charting of other Kinks singles here.

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