Kinks Music Videos


These are short (30-40 seconds) samples of the Kinks' music videos (and some TV appearances). Thanks to Russell Smith for his insight into these. Check out his article, "The Songs I Sang For Auntie" in a 1996 issue of the Official Kinks Fan Club magazine.

Apologies to those of you without high speed Internet connections. These movie files are a little big (2 to 4 Meg for most, but "Muswell Hillbilly" is 10 Meg) and may take some time to load.

1966 - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion - I don't think the Kinks were involved in putting together this montage of Kinks photos and footage of the Swinging 60's London fashion scene. It might have been made much later than 1966 (maybe even in the 1980's).

1966 - Sunny Afternoon - Filmed for Dutch TV. Features the Kinks miming to the song, outdoors in the snow.

1966 - Dead End Street - The Kinks' first "real" music video where they're not just miming along to the song. Known then as a "filmed insert", it was supposed to be used on TV shows to promote the song without the band being there in person. The BBC refused to air this video because they thought it was in bad taste.

1967 - Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks miming the song on the TV show "Beat Club".

1967 - Death Of A Clown - Dave Davies miming to the song on a TV show (possibly also "Beat Club").

1968 - Starstruck - filmed insert.

1970 - Apeman - filmed insert.

1972 - Muswell Hillbilly - The Kinks performing live on a TV show (probably "Beat Club").

1977 - Father Christmas - filmed insert. Shot in Konk Studios for a 1977 "Old Grey Whistle Test" Christmas show.

1981 - Give The People What They Want - from a German TV show.

1981 - Predictable - directed by Julien Temple.

1983 - Come Dancing - directed by Julien Temple.

1983 - State Of Confusion - directed by Julien Temple.

1983 - Don't Forget To Dance - directed by Julien Temple.

1983 - Mean Disposition - The record store scene was shot at a store in Muswell Hill

1984 - Do It Again - directed by Julien Temple.

1984 - Return To Waterloo

1986 - Rock 'N' Roll Cities - Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame) plays Dave Davies' wife in this video.

1986 - How Are You

1986 - Lost And Found

1987 - The Road

1989 - Aggravation

1989 - How Do I Get Close

1989 - Down All The Days (To 1992)

1993 - Scattered

1993 - Hatred

1993 - Only A Dream

1996 - To The Bone
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