The Album That Never Was

Release info:

Produced by: Shel Talmy, Ray Davies
Release date: Jan 1988
Record label & catalog #: PRT (Teldec) 8.26681 ZR
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Release type: Compilation


1. Death Of A Clown   stereo mix (3:12), recorded Jun 1967 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
2. Love Me Till The Sun Shines   mono mix (3:15), recorded Jun 1967 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
3. Susannah's Still Alive   mono mix (2:21), recorded probably Aug 1967 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
4. Funny Face   mono mix (2:17), recorded May-Jun 1967 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
5. Lincoln County   mono mix (3:11), recorded Mar 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
6. There Is No Life Without Love   mono mix (2:00), recorded probably Jan 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
7. Hold My Hand   mono mix (3:18), recorded late Dec 1968 at Polydor Studios, London
8. Creepin' Jean   mono mix (3:13), recorded late Dec 1968 at Polydor Studios, London
9. Mindless Child Of Motherhood   mono mix (3:13), recorded May 1969 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
10. This Man He Weeps Tonight   mono mix (2:41), recorded Jan 1969 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London

Liner Notes:

Dave Davies' "album that never was" sadly must remain so, but what we have here is as close a proximity to it as the tape vault allows us.

The (brief) story is as follows:- 'Death Of A Clown', a track originally cut for the Kinks' 1967 album 'Something Else' was picked off as a likely opening for Dave Davies' solo career. Dave, lead guitarist, occasional vocalist and younger brother to the group's undisputed guiding light Ray, was hoping to try a direction for himself, and at first, it seemed as if his wish was feasible. 'Death Of A Clown' was a smash hit, Dave was duly seen on 'Top Of The Pops', but later events led him on a somewhat more erratic path.

'Suzannah's Still Alive' appeared in November that year, but for some inexplicable reason, it failed to crack the top 20, and Dave's solo stardom faltered. Nonetheless, all during 1968 rumour and counter rumour of an impending Dave solo album were spread and a cheeky title, 'A Hole In the Sock Of' evolved although that name was also given to other unfinished Kinks' projects. All that did appear was 'Lincoln County', another fabulous song, which was issued in August and backed by 'There Is No Life Without Love'.

Then, in January 1969, 'Hold My Hand' c/w 'Creepin' Jean', a brilliant double-header, led off what was to have been a definite release for the l.p., but the continuing commercial failure of Dave's singles doubtlessly killed off the project. It should also be noted that the Kinks themselves were struggling to sell records, and two innovative albums, 'The Village Green Preservation Society' and 'Arthur' were released to barely a murmur. These factors also conspired to doom Dave's solo ambitions.

At least twelve tracks were cut for the album, but over a long-ish period of time, probably at the tail end of Kinks' sessions. Many, such as 'The Shoemaker's Daughter' and 'Crying' are now completely lost, if indeed they were ever completed, and thus assembled here are all that can still be traced. Eight sides, of course, come from those solo singles, two of which, 'Funny Face' and 'Love Me Till The Sun Shines' also appeared on 'Something Else' alongside 'Death Of A Clown'. The remaining five, however, were recorded specifically for Dave Davies' releases and all could well have been on the final solo album.

The other two tracks, 'This Man He Weeps Tonight' and 'Mindless Child Of Motherhood', later appeared on the flip of two Kinks' singles, 'Drivin" and 'ShangriLa' respectively. While the first of these was definitely scheduled for Dave's album, there's some doubt about the origins of 'Mindless'. However, its recording date and Dave's pre-eminence on it suggests that it would have been included.

Although this is not the record as it was intended, 'The Album That Never Was' gives some indication of what the finished piece may have been, as well ac collecting together ten prime Dave Davies performances.

Brian Hogg

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