Shangri-La - A Tribute To The Kinks

Release info:

Produced by: Alan Duffy and Andy Hopkins
Release date: 1989
Record label & catalog #: Imaginary ILLUSION 003
Country: UK
Format: 12" vinyl LP (album), 33 1/3 RPM
Release type: Tribute album


Side 1
1. The Village Green Preservation Society   stereo mix, by Turn To Flowers, recorded 1989
2. Live Life   stereo mix, by The Chesterfield Kings, recorded 1989
3. You Shouldn't Be Sad   stereo mix, by The Thanes, recorded 1989
4. Too Much On My Mind   stereo mix, by The Fleshtones, recorded 1989
5. Susannah's Still Alive   stereo mix, by The Cardiacs, recorded 1989
6. Big Sky   stereo mix, by The Mock Turtles, recorded 1989
7. I'm Not Like Everybody Else   stereo mix, by The Wolfhounds, recorded 1989
Side 2
1. She's Got Everything   stereo mix, by The Droogs, recorded 1989
2. I Need You   stereo mix, by The Crocodile Shop, recorded 1989
3. This Strange Effect   stereo mix, by The Thunderbyrds, recorded 1989
4. Tired Of Waiting For You   stereo mix, by The Cateran, recorded 1989
5. Big Black Smoke   stereo mix, by Patch Up Boys, recorded 1989
6. See My Friends   stereo mix, by The Reegs, recorded 1989
7. Lola   stereo mix, by Cud, recorded 1989

Liner Notes:

This album is dedicated to Ray & Dave Davies
Thank you for so many memories.
Alan Duffy
Andy Hopkins


Thanks to: All the bands taking part, Bob Singerman,
Lindsay Hutton, Mark Walmsley, Bob Fisher,
Nick Ralph, Paul Smith, Ric Albini,
Dave Fielding, Mike Alway & El Records,
Martin Baker, All at Suite 16, Armin Muller,
Pete Seeger, Karen, Mathew & Jemma,
Phil McMullen, Alan Fielding & Cath McRea,
& Stan Southern.

A special thanks to the Mock Turtles,
one of the finest bands in the world.

Sleeve artwork: Martin Kay (NMD)
Photo by: Uncle Jack, Whit Sunday 1962

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