Kinky Boot

Release info:

Produced by: Takeo Komatsuzaki (Milkwood Productions)
Release date: Mar 2002
Record label & catalog #: Victor Entertainment VICL-60847
Country: Japan
Format: CD
Release type: Tribute album


1. Do It Again   stereo mix, by The Collectors, recorded 2002
2. All Day And All Of The Night   stereo mix, by Chiba Yusuke with Murder, recorded 2002
3. You Really Got Me   stereo mix, by Sheena & The Rokkets, recorded 1979
4. Waterloo Sunset   stereo mix, by Clingon, recorded 2002
5. Celluloid Heroes   stereo mix, by Shoko Suzuki, recorded 2002
6. King Kong   stereo mix, by 21st Century Stars featuring Holly, recorded 2002
7. See My Friends   stereo mix, by Dixied The Emons, recorded 2002
8. Afternoon Tea   stereo mix, by Hicksville, recorded 2002
9. Victoria   stereo mix, by Going Under Ground, recorded 2002
10. Death Of A Clown   stereo mix, by Cymbals, recorded 2002
11. Lola   stereo mix, by Dojima Kohei x Go-Go King Recorders, recorded 2002
12. Tired Of Waiting For You   stereo mix, by Monsieur Kamayatsu with The Pinocchios, recorded 2002
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