LOLA! :kinks-klassiker interpretiert von ambros bis wilfried

Release info:

Produced by: Robert Hafner
Release date: 11 Nov, 2004
Record label & catalog #: Universal Music GmbH 986 687 0
Country: Austria
Format: CD
Release type: Tribute album
Description/Notes: Kinks songs translated into German


1. Sunny Afternoon   stereo mix, as "Herumliegen In Der Sunn" by W. Ambros, recorded 2004
2. You Really Got Me   stereo mix, as "I G'spür Di Zuvü" by Wilfried, recorded 2004
3. Tired Of Waiting For You   stereo mix, as "Miad Vom Warten" by U. Bär, recorded 2004
4. Waterloo Sunset   stereo mix, as "Sonnenuntergang" by G. Danzer, recorded 2004
5. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion   stereo mix, as "Adabei" by G. Steinbäcker, recorded 2004
6. Days   stereo mix, as "Des War'n Die Tag" by Schiffkowitz, recorded 2004
7. Where Have All The Good Times Gone   stereo mix, by H. Lang, recorded 2004
8. Dandy   stereo mix, by K. Eberhartinger, recorded 2004
9. Lola   stereo mix, by G. Timischl and U. Schiffkowitz, recorded 2004
10. Till The End Of The Day   stereo mix, as "Auch Wenn Die Welt Untergeht" by G. Makazaria, recorded 2004
11. Death Of A Clown   stereo mix, as "Am Grabe Des Clowns" by Wilfried, recorded 2004
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