Rippin' Up Time

Release info:

Produced by: Dave Davies and David Nolte
Release date: 27 Oct 2014
Record label & catalog #: Red River Entertainment RRE-CD-157
Country: USA
Format: CD
Release type: Dave Davies solo release


1. Ripping Up Time   stereo mix (4:47), recorded 2014
2. Semblance Of Sanity   stereo mix (4:31), recorded 2014
3. King Of Karaoke   stereo mix (3:57), recorded 2014
4. Front Room   stereo mix (4:15), recorded 2014
5. Johnny Adams   stereo mix (4:23), recorded 2014
6. Nosey Neighbours   stereo mix (2:43), recorded 2014
7. Mindwash   stereo mix (4:05), recorded 2014
8. Between The Towers   stereo mix (3:37), recorded 2014
9. In The Old Days   stereo mix (3:52), recorded 2014
10. Through My Window   stereo mix (3:39), recorded 2014

Liner Notes:

Dedicated to Max Davies and the Davies Family, near and
far. Also in loving memory of my dear departed sisters
who passed away in 2014 - Rosie and Joyce. R.I.P.

Special Thanks and Love to: Russ Davies. Martin Davies,
Simon Davies, Christian Davies, Daniel Davies. Lana
Davies. Eddie Davies. Michelle Davies and family. Ray
Davies. Rebecca Gwyn Wilson. Kristi Callan, James
Nolte. Dennis Diken, Jonathan Lea. Tracey Began.
George at The Clissold Arms. Bob Frank.

Produced by Dave Davies & Dave Nolte

All songs written and composed by Dave Davies except "Nosey Neighbours" by Dave Davies, Russ Davies, June Moseley, "In The Old Days" & "Through My Window" by Dave Davies, Russ Davies

Music publishers: Dave Davies/Carlin Music and Russell Davies PRS/MCPS.

Engineers - David Nolte, Russ Davies, Dave Davies
Original Drawings - Dave Davies
Art Direction and Layout - Jeff Chenault /
Cover photo & back photo - Rebecca Gwyn Wilson

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