Chords for "Hay Fever"

Date: July 10, 1997  7:59 PM
From: Christopher Carl Heckman

                                   Hay Fever
                            Written by R.D. Davies

E                    Am         E                       Am        
Sitting by my stereo all alone, my baby calls me on the telephone.

E               A                 B     
She says, Baby, take me out for a dance.

E                 Am           E                       Am            
I tell my baby, I feel so bad. I can't go out and it's making me sad,

E                      A             B          
But when you see me, I know you will understand.

E A E A      E          A                    E           
       I got hay fever, blocking up my head, hay fever, I ought to be in

E                      A                     
How can I dance when I can't hardly breathe, 

B                        A              
Wish I could cure this infernal allergy.

       E          A                     E          A                    
I got, hay fever, blocking up my brain, hay fever, feel the sinus pains.

E                         A                    
And all the pills and the powders are in vain, 

B                       E                   
Thought I was cured but here it comes again.

        E       A E A
It goes ooh-ah    

E                          A                  
The pollen count's getting higher and higher, 

E                       A               
My eyes are sore and my nose is on fire.

E                           A                     
My throat's dry now and I'm starting to perspire, 

E                            A                
My stuffed-up head's killing all of my desire.

      E              A               E              A                  
I got hay fever, you wicked allergy, hay fever, you put the curse on me

E                      A             C7 D E7 A/E E7 A E7
and I've inhaled every known remedy.              

I can't stay cool 'cos I'm starting to sneeze, 

I can't make love when I can't hardly breathe.

We start to dance and my nose starts to bleed,

There must be a cure for this hay fever, is there a pill or a powder I
can take?

  G          Em             C           D      B7 E D B7 A7
I must get a cure, for my romance is at stake.         

E              A                   E                 A                 
Hey fever, you tore my image down, hey fever, I must look like a clown,

E                      A               B                
I must have used every tissue in town, I'm running round sniffin' like a

        E       A E A
It goes ooh-ah.    

E                    A                 
I wanna kiss but I'm sneezin' instead, 

E                         A                    
I can't make love when my head feels like lead.

E                      A                
How can I pose when my nose is all red? 

E                            A                
We should be home, should be tucked up in bed.

              E                 A
But I got hay fever (hay fever)  

      E                A   
Hay Fever (hay fever),  ...
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