Chords for "Look Through Any Doorway"

Date: March 6, 2008
From: Leif Thiborg

Intro: C       G

                 Em      B/D#
Look through any doorway,
                         C      G/B
Each life will tell it's story.
         D        Em           D
See the joy and heartbreak,
For all the world to see.

riff: G D Em D C G/B Am D

      G                       D
She's on the city streets,
                    F      C
On her face is desolation.
       G                      D
Just a kid from out of town,
                         F      C
In the land of hope and glory.

riff: G D Em D C G/B 
D       G       Em     D  C  G/B Em    G
Open up your heart.
             Em       B
Open up the highway,
                         C          Bm
The road will stretch before you,
                     Em      D
For there will be a new day,
Where love will show the way.

G    D               Em              C 
Only shadows of the world we left behind,
G             D
Open up your heart,
Em    D               C                  G/B  Am7 D7                       
Many shadows of the past, so don't look back.

Em          B
Look at the wars,
           B                           C
A part of greed affects us all
C          G             C              G
There's a better way, despite what they do or say,
People of the world.

Riff 2: C C/D C/E C/A 
        G G/E G/D G/A G
        G G/A G/B G/D  
G                 C
Look through any doorway,
Tell me what you see.

Solo: Em  B/D#    C

Open up your heartache,
And love will show the way.


Searching for the way,
Through all the doubt and sorrow.
Days turn into years,
But we'll build a new tomorrow.

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