Chords for "Art School Babe"

Date: July 14, 1999 12:25 AM
From: Harlan Thompson


[first verse one soft strum per chord only]

 E             G                F#m              B
My art school babe with your palette-knives and brushes
 E       G               F#m                    B
Painted face, Egyptian eyebrows and bright red lips
 G          Am                   Bm                  F#m
Pale white make-up, tight black skirts like Juliette Greco
                            E               G
And there's me quoting pretentious chat up lines
             F#m                                  B  (bend)
>From Marcel Proust, Jean Cocteau and Jean-Paul Sartre

 E              G    F#m          B    (bend)
Sitting by a gasfire in a drafty bedsit
 E              G                 F#m                      B  RIFF 1
The art school babe quotes William Blake and she rolls a joint
              G           Am       Bm                      F#m
And I think "Oh oh, I've scored", start to make myself at home
         E            G            F#m               B    (n.c.)
But the room starts moving as she starts to get me stoned

            A            G        A              G
I close my eyes and give in, the room goes in a spin
    E                                                   RIFF 2
My lips are dry, I wander around with a ridiculous grin
 A               G                               A           G
I grovel on the floor, I think ha ha ha "Yeah I think I can make her"
        B                             C                  B
Then I wake up and realize I've been kissing the refrigerator

Art school chaps with creative grand illusions
My sketch pad at the ready, my eager charcoal in my hand
Boring the world for hours with political theories
Just to impress anyone who listens while my art school babe
(n.c.)       E              A             E
Just puts another inch of make-up on her face

 RIFF 3 (slowly)      A     G            A                 G
And she says to me: "Arty farty, you'll never fool your Auntie
      E (n.c.)
Who knew you when you picked your nose and wet your pants"
                       RIFF 4 (fast)
How did she know that?
 A     G       A               G
Arty farty, I try to throw a party
      B                          C         B    C  B  C B
To impress my peers I struck a creative stance

Art school cat, ah, I was really on a mission
I made my play for my art school babe
By humming jazz tunes with words by Furlinghetti
I thought I was ever so cool
 (slow down)
But I was really such an obvious, pretentious, irritating little fool
        E    A     E    (bend) E G F#m Fm E  E7
For my art school babe

  (bend)  RIFF 1:   RIFF 2:  RIFF 3:       RIFF 4:
E-------- -------- --------- ------------- --------
B-------- -------- --------- ------------- --------
G-------- -------- --------- ------------- --------
D-------- -------- -2-0----- ------------- --------
A-------- -2-0---- -----2-0- ------------- --------
E-3(^1/2) -----3-- --------- -0--0--2--4-- -0-2-4--
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