Chords for "Not Far Away"

Date: 19 Dec. 2012
From: Michael Dunham

Not Far Away

(A) (G) [4]

(A)This is the end, (G)this is the last time,
(A)Take what you want, why (G)wait a lifetime?
Why (Dsus)wait till tomorrow when (E)you can just take it to(F#m)day,
(Dsus)And it's not far a(A)way. (G) (A) (G)

(A)Live all your life a(G)ccording to a plan.
(A)Live by the rules the (G)best way you can.
So (Dsus)the system that fed you and (E)bred you can throw you a(F#m)way,
(Dsus)And it's not far away, (E)
Not far a(A)way. (G)

(D)Oh, (C)oh. (D)Oh, (C)oh
The (G)system that fed you and (A)bred you can throw you a(Bm)way, (G)
And it's not far away,(A)
Not far a(D11)way, (G/D) (3) (D11)


(D)Oh, (C)oh. (D)Oh, (C)oh
The (G)system that breeds you and (A)feeds you will throw you a(Bm)way. (G)
And it's not far away,(A)
Not far a(D)way. (C) (D) (C)

(A)Oh, (G)oh. Oh,(A) oh(G)
(A)Total chaos, (G)total destruction.
(A)Not far away, (G)not far away.
(A)Social collapse, (G)moral corruption.
(A)Not far away, (G)

I feel it in my (Bm/D)bones(D+), it gets closer each (D)day. (E)
The future is (G)here,(A) and it won't go a(D)way.(C) (D) (C)

They're gonna (A) segregate the people,
They're gonna (G)put you in your place.
And (A)no one's gonna listen when you (G)try to plead your case.
And (Dsus)those who think they are im(E)mune will get slapped in the (F#m)face. 

(Dsus)Chaos will (Dm7)rule(E/D), No one will be (D#/E)safe,(D)
The ending is (G)near,(A)
And it's not far a(D)way.(C) (D) (C)

The (A)future is here and it's (g)ours to dictate,
The (A)ending is closer so (G)why hesitate,
(A)Oh, oh(G).(A)Oh, oh(G).

(Bm/D) (D+) (D) (E)

The ending is (G)near (A), and it's not far a(D11)way. (G/D) (D11) 
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