Chords for "Perfect Strangers"

Perfect Strangers


C                    D#            C

Everytime we meet my heart skips a beat


Seems we're Perfect Strangers

C            D#                     C

I can't understand what's inside of man


That makes us Perfect Strangers


Through all this time so lonely all the people with nobody


With lifes misunderstanding feel I've known you all my life

There's something quite familiar in your eyes


A soul is calling do you ever wonder why?

Everytime we meet a sympathetic beat

In the heart of strangers

Here the love it calls but you don't know me at all

Seems we're Perfect Strangers, just like Perfect Strangers

Ever looked up to the sky on a night so melancholy

See the angry world around you really need someone to talk to

Doesn't mind you feel so crazy where's the understanding stranger

Or the understanding lover

F# F				D

I know there'll come a day

When peace will touch the heart of you

F# F			D

Until then I will say

Open up your eyes, you're not hypnotised

We're not really strangers

You don't understand that in the heart of love

There's no Perfect Strangers

chords tabbed by: José Duarte
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