Chords for "The Ballad Of Julie Finkle"

Date: July 29, 1998 8:26 AM
From: stefan.straeter

        D                 C         D     
1.      I first met Julie a long time ago
        C             G           D
        staring up at me from the front row
                  D                          C           D
        She had a timeless glow, she was the image of youth
             C           G           D  
        that never grows old or gets long in the tooth
        D                         C         D
        And who would think after all these years
                  C             G        D
        that good fortune would smile my way
        She«s a symbol of all that I believe in
                F            C                      G
        She was there at the beginning, she«s still out there today

        D      C  D   C           G            D
Chorus: Julie, Julie, I hope that you«re still single
        D      C  D   C     G       D     
        Julie, Julie, oh my mystery Julie Finkle
        C        G/B G   D     C       G/B G   D
        (Woohooh hoohooh hooh, woohooh hoohooh hooh)

2.      After me she went with a biker from Stoke
        had a child with a banker from Bolton
        I hear she ended up with a really nice bloke,
        who«s respectable now, so my silence is golden
        To protect her and him I`ve used a pseydonym,
        but I hope she gets the vital connection
        It was a long time ago, but I want you to know
        Julie, you were the pick of a prime selection

Chorus: Julie, ...
        But keep looking for your love (Woohooh hoohooh hooh)

        D                    C      D
        Truly, Julie, you«re only a name
            C                     G
        you could be a Molly or a Sarah-Jane
            D                 C       D
        But if I should never see you again,
             C               G
        I«ll never forget you, truly

Chorus: Julie, ...

        Keep looking for your love (Woohooh woohooh hooh)

        D      D  C  C                          (f, e, d, c, d) D
        Julie, Julie, oh my mystery Julie Finkle
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