Chords for "Starstruck"

Date: Fri, 09 Feb 1996 21:16:44 -0500 (EST)


F     C                          F
Baby, you don't know what you're saying

C                          Bb      Am Gm F
Because you're a victim of bright city  lights

         Bb   Am Gm  F
And your mind is not right

              C       F       Bb
You think the world's at your feet

'Cos you're starstruck baby starstruck 

You're starstruck baby starstruck

Starstruck baby starstruck

                         Am     Gm F
You know that you're starstruck on me

Baby, you're runnin' around like you're crazy
You go to a party and dance through the night
And you'll drink 'til you're tight
And then you're out on your feet

Bop, bop; etc.   F-C-Bb    C-Bb-Am-Gm   C-Bb-Am-Gm

Baby, watch out or else you'll be ruined
'Cos once you're addicted to wine and champagne
It's gonna drive you insane
Because the world's not so tame

From: Steve Mardon Date: Sept. 10, 2006 Great site. Some suggested corrections to Starstruck: It's not "pride's city lights," it's "bright city lights" The chorus lacks the full lyrics. It's: Cause you're starstruck, baby, starstruck taken in by the lights Think you'll never look back You know you're starstruck on me The chords for the line "you think the world's at your feet" are D#, Dm, Cm, Bflat. During the break where it says "bop" it's not F-C-Bflat, it's C-Bflat-F. Also, it's hard to play and sing in this key. The descending runs are easier if you change the key from C to E. If you want to change the key like this, the chords are: A-E-A E-D-C#m-Bm-A D-C#m-Bm-A G-F#m-Em-D D A D D-C#m-Bm-A E-D-A E-D-C#m-Bm
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