Chords for "Think Visual"

Date: March 24, 2005
From: José Duarte

D                       C          D      G       D
Productivity is getting higher and higher oh, oh, yeh 
                             C       D           G       D
But profitability is getting tighter and tighter oh, oh, yeh 
         D				G                                        C
When you see our face in the market place we gotta clean cut image to keep 
         D                   G                
We gotta advertise, we gotta merchandise    

Flash those teeth, Competition's on the rise 
Open those eyes better get computerised 

Dm    G       Dm    G              
Think visual, think visual think visual
Think visual, think visual, show your personality 
Marketing says we gotta merchandise 
But economy says we gotta minimise   

We gotta budget to face and the marketplace is full of competition, 
Think digital, synthisise, computerise, think visual 
Productivity, marketability, higher and higher 

Flash those teeth, open those eyes 
Think visual, think visual 
Flash those teeth, competitions on the rise 
Open those eyes, better get computerised 
Think visual, think visual, think visual 
Think visual, think visual, push the button and see 
Marketing say we gotta goal to chase 
But economy says we gotta budget to face 
Get your attitude straight, 'Cos it's all in your mind 
And it's never too late to get a new design 
And if you wanna compete you gotta visualise 

Flash those teeth, come on open those eyes 
Think visual
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