Chords for "When You Were A Child"

Date: March 24, 2005
From: José Duarte

C G    C G

G                   C    G
We are born to this fantasy 
G                          C       G
Can't believe what they've done to you 
Bb                     G
Hard to see all these years go round 
Bb				    G           C G Am  (2X)
Taught to hide all that's true inside (ohoooooo)

F			C
What was it like when you were a child? 
F		       	C
Did you see the world in a different light? 
F			    C
When the veil came down our destiny grew away from us 
Don't it make you weep 
          C       Am G  
Can't you see (ohoooooo)

I believe that we were meant for each other 
We'll get along somehow If they leave us alone 
Why don't they let us be, just what we want to be 
Don't it make you weep, can't you see? 

Bb					G
I can't believe what they've done to you 
Bb					   G
They've got you just where they wanted you 

When we sleep, dream each other's dreams 
Casting memories on a sea of hope 
Remember life as a child could be 
Bring it back for all of us to see 

What was it like When you were a child? 
How did it feel? Did your mother treat you kind? 
Mend those broken toys? For in your heart there's innocence 
Waiting to be free, can't you see?
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