Chords for "Aggravation"

Date: March 13, 2006
From: Leif Thiborg

Intro:  Em (Bm7sus4/F#? Chord notes:f#,a,b,e) x2

Em                  Bm7sus4/F#       Em               Bm7sus4/F#       
Life grinds on day after day in the city streets and motorways. 
Em                        Bm             Em            F#m7add9/C#(hold)
The tension spreads just like a plague, Killing reason on the way. 
           C                          Bm
Like wildfire it spreads through the nation 
 Am             Em/G    Bm/F#       Em           
Choking us with aggravation. 

Who needs it? The aggravation the daily goddam hassle. 
It's a bummer, Who needs it? Who gives a damn?
Bumper to bumper in the traffic jam. 
Clench your jaw, getting all up tigh, breathing fumes, 
stuck in a tin can, Trapped, trapped. 
Hate, frustration, no escape. (riff e,d,e,d,e,d,g )
Glaring eyes all filled with hate. (riff e,d,e,d,e,d,g )  
Arteries throb, coronaries pound 
Aggravation all around. (riff e,d,e,d,e,d,g )  
      C                   D                   C     D         Em
Like wildfire it spreads through the nation Choking us with aggravation. 

They won the peace, we lost the war, (riff e,d,e,d,e,d,g )
so what are we still fighting for? (riff)
The highway's blocked, is this my end 
to follow a Mercedes Benz? (riff)
Hey, Mitzibushi and Toyota, who said that the war was over? 

Aggravations everywhere (riff), get outta my way get out of my hair(riff). 
C               D          C               D                             
Another jam, another day, another hair is turning grey, 
   C               D             C                   D        Em
I wanna scream, I wanna say, Get outta my hair, get out of my way
(riff 2 e,d,e,d,e,d,g,d,) Who needs it?  (riff 2)

           Em (lead guitar moving up e,f#,g,a,b,c#,d,e
Aggravation,                                 aggravation 

A   Em   

g,  f#,  e, d, b,  a,  g,  a, g,e    
Had enough of all this aggravation, 
g    f#  e, e,  d   b, b,   a, g, a, g,  e
Tension choking up blocking my circulation. 
Em       A                                        Em
I've had enough, I've had enough of all this aggravation. 
        A                D                 A               D   
While traffic jams and tempers break, The city streets are full of hate, 
 A             D         A       D      A                       Em D G D Em
The lights are red, it's all too late. How much can a poor man take? 


Aggravation in my mind my body and my soul 
There's no solution to it all, it's out of control. Out of control. 

C             Bm       C                   Bm  
Is it my imagination, am I seeing what is true? 
C                       Bm      C                          D 
If we are living in damnation, I'd live in hell to be with you
 B7/D#          Em
what more can I do?  Riff 1 (e,d,e,d,e,d,e,d)

Em                                riff3 A A A Em  x3
I gotta violent streak caused by 
We're getting uptight, wanna fight
Now we can't turn back the future's bleak, 
           A      D            A            D/A         Em            
I gotta mean appetite, I gotta get my daily fix of aggravation.
       A               D                A                  D
Don't push 'cos I'm really pumped, I'm ready when you are, punk. 
A               D                   A                          e,d,b,a,   
So step aside, unless your dumb, I'm all wound up with aggravation. 

Had enough of all this aggravation    riff3 
Winding up, stress filled, mad intimidation. 
        A                D       
And it touches all the passers-by. 
    A               D
As dog eats dog to stay alive, 
      A                   D            
Then moves on through the population, 
A                    D          riffx2
Till there's mass contamination. 
      A                   D
With violent streets all filled with fear, 
     A            D
Pollution in the atmosphere, 
     A                D
The ozone's gone and that's no fun 
      A             D                   e,d,b,a,    riffx4
I've had enough of this, old son 

Who needs it? Aggravation 

C                     Bm      C                  Bm
And I don't have any answers  I just got an attitude, 
C                          Bm        C                         D
Do what it takes just to survive it, Another day but I'll get through, 
B7/D#           Em                Riff (e,d,e,d,e,d,e..)
What more can I do?         
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