Chords for "Close to The Wire"

Date: March 24, 2005
From: José Duarte

Intro: Dm    C   Dm    C  (repeat)

A hopeful adventure, got missionary ways 
         			   G7        Dm   C
Could start in the jungle feel this way 
Search for an answer over land and over sea 
          			           G7    Dm   C
All the mountains of promised opportunities 

G                                  Em
I cried out but you were lost in a corporate position
   C                           Bm
So money's the solution curing all that ails the nation
    G 					  Em
But what about the hearts of man the spiritual needs 
    C                              Bm
I'm staring at the starlight and I just can't quite believe
That I'm 

G           F
Lost in the fire
   Em           C 
So close to the wire 
G         F
Got to survive 
   Em           C      D#
So close to the wire 

The soul needs attention like the body needs to breath 
But banks want investment so who are we 
Cultures are dying but gold reserves are safe 
Can't live in this jungle but can't escape 

F#				  Bm                A
Whatever happened to the dreams we shared together 
F#			 Bm               	    A
A taste of wine, a moonlight song that lasts forever 


Feel the expectation Written in the ways 
Each move of a man give away 

You look good to me sat in your ministry position 
An image for the masses making serious decisions 
Talk about, sham about for all the world to see 
Your rhetoric's a quiz game and a mystery to me 

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