Chords for "The Contenders"

Date: March 24, 2005
From: José Duarte

E				    B7 
Hush little mammy don't you cry 
I've got to see what it's like on the world outside 
Got to get out of this life somehow
Got to be free, got to be free now 

E    B  A G E (2X)   E  A  E  G  D  E

I don't want to be a constructor of highways 
A sweeper of sidewalks, I've got to do it my way 
I'm too ill-equipped for a mathematician 
						E     G  D  E
A shrewd politician, a maker of decisions 

E    B  A G E (2X)   E  A  E  G  D  E

We're not the greatest when when we're separated 
But when we're together I think we're going to make it 
I don't want to be like a fascist dictator 
A saint or a sinner, I want to be a winner 

E    B  A G E   E  D  B  A
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