Chords for "Postcard From London"

From:  Keld Nilsson
Date:  4 December, 2010

 (Ray Davies)
From  Keld Nilsson, Denmark , Dec 2010
Capo 1th  fret.
Intro.   Asus4 A A sus4 A
          D                  D
I found a postcard the other day
        Bm                            D  D/c#
A faded photograph taken of a cold winterscape
            Bm Bm/a                D
And all the children that gathered round
               Em                               D
Asked what the place was on the faded card that I had found
           G              D      Dc#
It was the city I used to know
         Bm                Bm/a
And as a child when it was Christmas
         Em            A
I played in the winter snow
           D  D/c#           Bm Bm/a
It was the homeland I left behind
         Em                        A             D   D7
A better future waiting in the new world that we hoped to find
           G                  D   D/c#
Across the ocean far south we came
             Bm                Bm/a                   Em        A
And left the country  that somehow we knew we`d never see again
             D     D/c#        Bm    Bm/a
And read the message  that you wrote
         Em                 A               D                 D7
On the reverse of that same postcard always seemed to give me hope
                 G                      D    D/c#
Though time will pass us and fade from view
           Bm                      Bm/a    Em              A
I hope sometimes you think of me because I always think of you
           D    D/c#              Bm     Bm/a
And to the children who gathered around
       Em                               A                 D
I said This is the place of long ago we all called London Town
              G                  D     D/c#
Postcard from London?s  romantic views
     Bm              Bm/a          G                 D D/c#  Bm Bm/a G G/f# Em /e f# g a bc#
Only serve to keep reminding me of how much I missed you
D D/c#  Bm Bm/a G G/f# Em/e f# g a b c#     (bass line)
Postcard from London
Postcard fron London Town
Postcard from London
Postcard from LondonTown
(Transpose to E)
           E                   E
We built a snowman by Hamstead Pond
               C#m                         E            E/d#    (and so on)
Walked down to Waterloo at Yuletide and we sang so many songs
Later you went there not to return
I took for granted love we had now I will always yearn
For the great city we used to  know
We were so innocent back when we played in the winter snow
And now the children who gather round
Ask what the place is in the postcard
I said proudly It was London Town
(the song can be found as a bonus track on “The Kinks Choral Collection” US edition)
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