Chords for "Poetry"

Date:  30 March 2018
From:  George Ziadeh

"Poetry"    Transcribed by George Ziadeh

Intro: D - A - G - /F# - /E - D - G-D - A(sus4) x3
N.C.                    A
I just got back from a walk
Down the square
       Bm A   G  D
To the local Kentucky
    G  /F#  /E   D /C#   /B  A(sus4)
To see what was cooking down there
I looked around at the stores
And the signs
         Bm     A  G  D
And the queues lining up
        Gmaj7 /F#  /E    D   /C#  /B A(sus4)
For that twen..ty-first cen..tu...ry fare


       Gadd9                        A                     Bm        D/A
I kneel down and say grace for the comforts the world bestows on me
          G                    A                  Bm
And the great corporations providing our every need
           G         A           F#           Bm
And those big neon signs telling us what to eat
     G                 A                      Bm
And every shop window goods are designed to please
D/A            G   A                G - D/F# - Em - D
Ohhhhh, but I ask where is the poetry?

V2:                  A(sus4)        G
The day we met were both down and broke
        Bm      A    G    D
But we laughed and found comfort
      G   /F#   /E   D  /C#   /B  A(6sus4)
With old books and walks  in the rain
Reading poetry out loud
              A            Bm    A     G   D
Or watching old black and white films together
        G  D/F# Em   D   /C# /B A(6sus4)
In the days be-fore Blockbuster came

I hear you ran off and found yourself a rich handsome fella
To supply you with all you require in material needs
I hope your fairytale doesn't end tragically
And in a shopping mall somewhere you'll be down on your knees
Crying out loud
                  (G - D/F# - D) x2  G - D/F# - Em - D - G-D - A(sus4)
Where is the poetry?
                                    G           D - G-D - A(sus4)
I'm looking at the sign that says "Have A Good Day"
And I got too much on my mind
         G             D/F#          A(6sus4)
So many questions that get in the-way
A   Asus4-A   G              Bm
Everybody's looking for perfection
     A                 G
But once I heard a wise man say
    Bm               F#m            A
To get sometimes you have to give away
G            D/F#-D   G          D/F#-D  (G - D/F# - Em - D - Em - D/F#)
Where is the poetry, what is the rhyme?
G             D/F#-D
What is the meaning?
G         D/F#-D   G - D/F# - Em - D - G-D A(6sus4)x4(count & rest on 9)
Give us a sign

N.C.                A
I have read in the news
          G            Bm    A G D
Someone said that the great population
   G  D/F# Em  D  /C# /B A(6sus4)
Is better off than yesterday
                        G          A(sus4)
Better health, better food, better sex
        Bm A   G  D
Better higher education
         G D/F#  Em   D     /C#   /B   A(6sus4)
But with credit card bills always on-the-way

       G                      A                  Bm      D/A
And I just saw my gal with a guy in a fast-food outlet
They seemed happy together
   A                Bm      D/A
But I saw the tragedy
       G             A
Maybe I'm missing something
     F#             Bm     /A
Was too blind to see
     G                       A                   Bm      D/A
She settled for someone who isn't so hard to please
     G                       A               Bm
Without all the fire and desire and the mystery
D/A       G
Oh But I ask
   A             (G - D/F# - D) x2    G - D/F# - Em - D
Where is the poetry?
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