Unfinished Business

Written by: Dave Davies & Richard Lawrence

Published by: Dave Davies/April Music (PRS)


Took a walk outside, the truth was on my side,
But I didn't even make the corner.
Revolution in my sights, the time seems so right,
But I never even saw it coming.
Can't let it go. Oh no, no.

Can't you hear me call, bang my head against the wall,
Can't stay around this place forever.
Can't you see, we gotta be free,
We all gotta come together.
Don't let go, oh no.

Unfinished business,
You thought you'd keep me quiet.
You put a bullet in my side, but you can't put out my light.
Unfinished business,
Yes, love's the only way to find peace today.

The future's here today, we gotta find a way,
To put all the pain behind you.
You gotta put down the guns, all religion is one,
Politicians only want to blind you.
Break away, oh there's a way.

Oh, the message is clear, wipe away all the tears,
And build a better world around you.
Got to give out your love to each and every one,
Can't you see it's only fear that holds you,
Let it go. Oh, let it go.

Unfinished business,
I though that I was right[?].
What that fool put out that night, [?] burn so bright.
Unfinished business,
Oh yes, love's the only way to find peace today.

So you thought you'd take my life,
Put a bullet in my side, but you can't put out my light.
Unfinished business,
Love's the only way to find peace today.
Unfinished business
Unfinished business
Unfinished business

There's a long road behind you,
It's a hard life if you make it one
Come on to the other side [?]
There is no place to hide

Unfinished business
Unfinished business

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix (5:08), recorded May 1996 at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London
Unfinished Business Nov 1997 USA Velvel CDPRO 014 CD
Anthology - Unfinished Business 9 Nov, 1998 UK Essential/Castle Communications ESS CD 584 2 CD set
Unfinished Business - Dave Davies Kronikles, 1963|1998 12 Jan, 1999 USA Meta Media/Velvel 63467-79718-2 2 CD set
Kinked 7 Mar, 2006 USA Koch Records KOC-CD-9996 CD
Living On A Thin Line 9 Sep 2022 UK BFD/Red River/Green Amp Records RRECD213 CD

live, stereo mix (5:23), recorded 29 Apr, 1997 at Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, California
Belly Up! 7 Aug 2008 UK Metamedia Records MM-009 CD

live, stereo mix (6:14), recorded 30 Apr 1997 at The Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, California
Around The Galaxy 24 Feb 2009 UK Meta Media MM-010 CD

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