80 Days

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music, Ltd.

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In 80 days I am condemned to write this book
But still so much is missing, I have a thread but still no hook
Perhaps I'll find a way inside my mind
Complete my book in 80 days

In 80 days to circumnavigate this plan
I'll do my duty as a noble Englishman
For queen and country I will do what must be done
80 days to save my honour and a wager to be won

In 80 days I will restore my shattered pride
And fiddle the expenses, make some money on the side
Redeem my reputation, perhaps a knighthood will ensue
At least I'll save my job, restore my pension when it's due
In 80 days

Time has no meaning in this void, I lost a husband and a home
I bore a child, betrayed my faith
I see a future and a past that has no face. What's 80 days?
Time has no meaning in a spirit floating endlessly in space
80 days

80 days to find a long lost husband that is mine
With a little slap and tickle just to pass the time
And see the world, a chance that I might never have again
And help my son, so his quest is not totally in vain
For 80 days
80 days

I'll wager he won't do it. There's no way it can be done
We always back a winner and there's no way that he's one
He'll disappoint the nation, he'll fall flat on his face
What a just humiliation, he'll never stand the pace
For 80 days

In 80 days we can do it
80 Days
In 80 days we can do it

Will I reach my goal in 80 days?
(80 seconds, 80 minutes, 80 hours)
Will I write my book in 80 days?
Will I have a job in 80 days?
A wager to be won in 80 days
Will I find my man?
(80 months, 80 years, 80 decades, 80 days)
Will I get promoted?
A deadline to be met in 80 days
Perhaps another holiday?
Will I put the criminal in jail?
[?] my page in 80 days

Will I reach my goal in 80 days?

In 80 days we can do it
80 days
In 80 days we can do it

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix, recorded 16 Mar, 1987 at (possibly) Calliope Studios, New York
80 Days (demos) 1987 UK Cassette

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