It Could Have Been Him

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music, Ltd.


Once I had a man, he was a simple man
But he was honest through and through
He was rough and ready, but dignified
In fact he looked a lot like you

I'll search the seven seas to find him
Though temptations beckon, I will never break
Because until I know his fate
Like a nun I vow to sit and wait

He was strong, upright and true
And he was always faithful to me
And he knew how to treat a lady
And such a Romeo, that's why I miss him so

And in times, the hour of need
He'd always come and hold my hand
'Cause he knew how to please his lady
Hd'd just take me in his arms and say, "I understand"

He was a working man, he was an old-fashioned, strong
And dominating, lustful and he smelt like a man
But he respected me, never neglected me
He was always there to touch me, tease me, hold me, please me

He never failed to satisfy my every whim
'Cause he knew what his lady needed
And there's something about you that reminds me of him

Is that a wart on the side of your nose?
It reminds me of him, 'cause he had one of those
And those anxious wrinkles across your brow
And that masculine dimple on your chin
Oh, I just looked at you and it could have been him

It could have been him
It could have been him

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix, recorded 16 Mar, 1987 at (possibly) Calliope Studios, New York
80 Days (demos) 1987 UK Cassette
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