Let It Be Written

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music, Ltd.

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When I'm thinking of the pages still unwritten
Staring at that empty page fills me with anger and with rage
It gives me chills, it makes me age

When I think of all the pages to be written
I'll write the lines, contrive the plot
I'll take the praise and all the knocks
And every word and in each line is a creation that's all mine

In 80 days 200 pages to be written
Still they're saying
(When will it be written?) I don't know
(When will it be written?) I don't know
(When will it be finished?) When it is done!

Writing is my occupation, money is the motivation
Must maintain my reputation, looking for some inspiration

[From the musical, but not on the demo:]
Another line, another tale, another chapter to unveil
Another page, another book, but no one knows the toil it took

(When will it be written?)
(Soon it will be written)
(So let it be written, let it be done)

Pressures from the left and right keeping me awake at night
[?] finish it in time, the time has come for us to see some
Oh let it be finished, let it be done

All the knowledge ever learned, every peak and every plain
Every action, every stage, starting in every age

Nothing for another Frenchman, who then?
I promised my publishers and even more horrifying creature
Than a sea monster from 20,000 , more fantastic though
Than the prehistoric reptiles in the centre of the earth
But now I am faced to my greatest disputed challenge
The most icy inscrutable creature known to science: an Englishman

Now it's time to start the chain reaction
Clear my mind, begin this new idea
Treat the beast with great respect, entrap it with my intellect

(When will you deliver?) I don't know
(When will you deliver?) I don't know
(When will it be written?) When it is done!

(How can this be written?) I don't know
(Yes, it must be written) I don't know
(When will it be written?) When it is done!

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix, recorded 16 Mar, 1987 at (possibly) Calliope Studios, New York
80 Days (demos) 1987 UK Cassette

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