The Waiting Hours

Written by: Dave Davies

Published by: Dave Davies/Carlin Music Ltd.


Remember how they said that it can never work
Guess they can't understand
Their false philosophies and ideology
Buildings made on sand

They can't buy away
All life's misery
With their secret plans
Tearing up our lands

As long as I shall live
My love will never die
As long as there's a sun up in the sky

Whatever life may bring
As long as you're by my side
Nothing in the world can change my mind

In the waiting hours
The love will grow and grow
Despite their schemes, build you dreams
Never let them go

The waiting hours
The waiting hours
The waiting hours
The waiting hours

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix (3:21), recorded Aug-Dec 2006 at White Mirror Studios, Devon, UK
Fractured Mindz 30 Jan, 2007 UK Meta Media MM 008 CD
Fractured Minds 31 Jul 2007 USA Koch Records KOC-CD-4242 CD
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