Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music Ltd.

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Walking around in a state of shock
Something must have gone wrong with my brain
Like a poet whose got writer?s block
Can?t put the words together what a shame

Reassured by the Doc, he says there?s lots of people with what you got
There?s nothing here that cannot be explained
You?re not crazy
You?re quite Sane
Pronounced Sane

It?s a great illusion, world full of confusion
With 24-hour news that leaves you drained
With celebrity shows that teach you how to pose
Where everybody?s looking oh so vain

Took a visit to the Doc and he listened while I talked a lot
About panic, anxiety and strain
But he smiled and told me you?re not crazy
You?re quite sane. S-a-n-e sane

It?s a global warning, an emotional drain
Chaos and confusion, it?s a wonder we're still insane
And life keeps coming at you day by day
It?s a rollercoaster, and it just won?t go away

Gonna survive, I?m glad I?m alive
I?m on top of the world, there's much to be gained
I?ve been reassured by the revelation
That the confirmation somehow eases the pain

And he smiles, it?s not bad
As he scribbles down on a notepad
Words that comforted and eased the strain

Say it with me S-A-N-E
Pronounced Sane
S-A-N-E Sane
Pronounced Sane

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