A Better Thing

Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music Ltd.


If I could talk to you across the years
But you can't live in the past
Stuck in your womb
That's why I let it go
She's your child
Set her free
Let her go

Cause if you love her so
You must let her go
It's the hardest thing to do
But maybe it's a better thing that you do
Never been a wiser move
To prove that you love her,
Really love her
Instead of going on and making her sad
Do the better thing and show her you're glad
That she's happy
If you love her,
She will know it too

But sometimes it's hard to do the right thing
Even when you know you should
You're hurting now but in the past
She'll be glad to know that you did some good
And you did it all for her

To do a better thing you have to be strong
And it's a better thing to let her move on
If you love her, if you love her
One day she'll know the truth
So love her from the far
And one day she will love you too

Yes it's a better thing you do
Yes it's a better thing you do

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