Written by: Ray Davies

Published by: Davray Music Ltd., 1991

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Walking 'round this metropolis
With its buildings that reach to the clouds
There must be millions of people out there
Walking 'round with their heads bowed
This city kills me, but it thrills me
Now something's gone and held up the crowd
They're pointing at a man standing high on a ledge
And somebody just cried out loud
Don't look down at the people below, oh
Don't look down
It's a long way to fall and I'd sure like to know
What made it happen, sure makes you think
Must have been something special
To send him to the brink
Down here on the sidewalk, he's clearly in view
Then a voice shouts up to him
Try thinking it through but whatever you do

Don't look down
At the people below, oh
Don't look down, things might start looking up
You just never know

He's heard the cries of the lunatics facing defeat
The cheers of the winners
Who are dancing in the street
Perhaps the crime and corruption finally got through
And the violence of the city
Just broke him in two
Now a voice from the queue shouts


Don't look down, don't look down
Down here on the sidewalk
It's stopped all our lives
People are talking instead of just walking by
Before this happened it was just another day
Now people are talking instead of walking away
Now we're gripped by this tragedy
Our blood starts to pump as we all shout together
Don't jump, don't jump


Don't look down, we all shouted out, oh
Don't look down
It's a long way to fall and I'd sure like to know
What made it happen, guess we'll never know
Now the sun's come out
Looks like he's standing on a rainbow
He's in the heavens, I'm standing on the ground
Saying don't look down

This song can be found on the following releases:

stereo mix, recorded 1991 at Konk Studios, Hornsey, London
Phobia 18 Mar, 1993 EEC Columbia 472489 2 CD
Phobia 29 Mar, 1993 UK Columbia 472489 2 CD
Phobia 13 Apr, 1993 USA Columbia CK 48724 CD
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