Review of "Santa Ana" Ray Davies bootleg


(BOOTLEG) Phenomenal Cat #CS-9701

Track listing on label as follows:

  1. Dedicated Follower of Fashion (an edit after this track leads into track #2)
  2. Autumn Almanac (from another source? Another edit leads to track #4)
  3. Dead End Street (listed on label, but does not appear)
  4. Sunny Afternoon (shortened performance)
  5. Victoria
  6. 20th Century Man
  7. London
  8. Witchcraft (listed on label, but does not appear)
  9. That Old Black Magic
  10. Tired of Waiting For You (shortened performance)
  11. Set Me Free (shortened performance)
  12. X-Ray
  13. See My Friends (An edit occurs after this song, deleting some of the show, but how much?)
  14. The Money-Go-Round
  15. Dead End Street
  16. Julie (Finkel)
  17. Lola (shortened performance)
    17.1. Apeman (shortened performance; not listed on label)
  18. To The Bone (It sounds as though an edit occurs after this song, too.)
  19. Village Green
  20. Days (followed by another edit which leads to track #21)
  21. Waterloo Sunset (from another source?)
Total time: 76:55

Comments: This is an audience recording, not taken from the soundboard, and the quality suffers accordingly. The performance, however, is spirited and the audience is enthusiastic and vocal. Compared to the RAY DAVIES: COMPLICATED LIFE 2 CD bootleg set, I consider the Santa Ana show to be a slightly better performance, but the sound quality is not quite as good. I graded the sound quality at a "B" level, compared to other bootlegs I own. I recommend this CD for purchase, if COMPLICATED LIFE is not available. If you have a choice, however, go for the double CD.