Review - Kast Off Kinks, August 8 & 9, 2003, Bradford & Wigan, UK

From: Carrie Gooch
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003

Friday night (08/08/03) was at Penningtons in Bradford. Came as a bit of a surprise that the cost was the price of getting into the club, nothing more! Guess it just goes to show they dont do it for the money! Penningtons turned out to be *huge* - well, ok, maybe not huge, but big - the one room containing three bar areas, two levels with plenty of seating, a big stage and a decent sized dance floor.

As it was, they Kast Offs didnt come onstage til gone half 11 - not entirely sure whos decision that was, but it meant we had to endure a really weird mix of northern soul/Motown music. No, thats not why it was weird, more that they would play about one minute of a song, then fade in another song - this went on for about two hours, as I vaguely recall! Thankfully they eventually got round to playing whole songs!

The Kast Offs were introduced, and came on stage to loud and enthusiastic applause. I was pleasantly surprised to see a large gang of other people my age who were very enthusiastic. We spotted the Jam fans among them when they played David Watts! I couldnt tell you how many people were there, and Im not sure how many were actual Kinks fans and how many were just there for a night out, but most of the people seemed to enjoy the show from what I could tell! And amazingly, Mick managed to stay onstage for the entire gig without needing the loo!

The band were on top form as they rocked up such classics as Til The End Of The Day, Lola, Dedicated Follower of Fashion (I believe John Dalton sang lead for this one), Days and Sunny Afternoon, as well as more obscure tracks like Ducks On The Wall and Powerman. They of course finished the show with You Really Got Me leading into All Day And All Of The Night, and for the encore reverted to some good old rock n roll with Good Golly Miss Molly, One Night With You, Long Tall Sally and Great Balls Of Fire. All in all a fabulous night with a wonderful atmosphere. I have to admit that I did have a fear that there was going to be something like twelve of us huddled together in the middle of that great big venue, and I was pleased to be proven wrong.

Saturday nights gig at the Trencherfield Mill in Wigan (09/08/03) proved to be a slightly more enigmatic affair. Most of the floorspace was taken up by tables and chairs, with only a small dance area. As John Dalton put it: "It was like cabaret! I felt like slipping in a few numbers like 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree' " As a result, the audience were a lot more subdued in their enthusiasm for most of the night, many remaining seated for almost all of the gig. I do have to say, however, that t he opening band, whose name I never did find out, were greatly entertaining in their enthuiasm and their dancing!

The setlist was more or less the same as at Penningtons, with the absence of Ducks On The Wall (boo!), but the standard of the performance by the band was as exemplary as the previous night, if not more so. Its obviously so much fun for them to be up there on stage performing songs they know so well and love. Watching them is a real pleasure and joy, seeing them really get into their playing and singing and giving it everything - all whilst managing to drink several pints of beer in the process! Although t he setlists were a lot shorter and less varied than those performed at the Kinks Konventions, the shows were still fabulous and a real credit to them, showing what wonderful musicians and characters they all are!