Review - Ray Davies, July 23, 2004, National Trust Concert, Claremont Landscape Garden, Surrey, UK

From: Paul Horvath
Date: 27 Jul 2004

This was a top class performance from Ray and his band at a great venue on a perfect English summer evening (& we don't get many of those).

Ray started off on stage with Mark Johns and went through his now customary sing-along opening before the rest of the band took the stage.

A powerfull performance from all concerned included Set me free, tired of waiting, I`m not like everybody else, 20th century man, Victoria and You really got me. Other stand out songs were a rendition of Village Green delivered with great feeling and sensitivity and the rarely performed Johny thunder. Stand up comic was also performed very well and is a very strong song. Part way through the show Ray told us that Mick Avory was due to guest but had been detained at the 19th hole!! He also paid great tribute to Dave's guitar playing.

The 110 minute show ended with curtailed versions of Lola and Waterloo sunset and no encore. This was due to the timing of the event and the need for a firworks finale to take place at a certain time.

It was good to see Ray looking in good health and putting on a great performance. Catch him if you can, a good time will be had by all.