Review - Ray Davies, The Train, Aarhus, Denmark

From: Rune
Date: 12 Oct 2004

I've just been to Ray's concert at the Train in Aarhus, Denmark. Great, and with a slightly changed set list compared to the Rockefeller concert:

I'm not like everybody else The hard way, After the fall, Autumn almanac, Village green, Animal farm, Picture book, Sunny afternoon, Dead end street, Next door neighbour, Creatures of little faith, Dedicated follower of fashion, Stand up comic, The morning after, Victoria, 20th century man, Tired of waiting, Where have all the good times gone, Set me free All day and all of the night, To the bone, You really got me, Lola Waterloo sunset, Days, Low Budget.

Best regards, Rune.

From: Kurt Andersen
Date: 12 Oct 2004

Setlist from Train in Aarhus, Denmark 12th of October:

I`m Not Like Everybody Else
The Hard Way
After The Fall
Autumn Almanac
Dedicated Follower of Fashion
Village Green
Animal Farm
Big Sky
Picture Book
Sunny Afternoon
Dead End Street
Next Door Neighbour
Stand Up Comidian
The Morning After
20th Century Man
Tired of Waiting For You
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
Set Me Free
To The Bone
All Day And All Of The Night
You Really Got Me


Waterloo Sunset
Low Budget

From: Hans-Henrik Christensen
Date: 13 Oct 2004


This was simply Ray at his best. In this intimate concert hall in Aarhus Ray really made a show, second to none. The link refers to the largest Danish rock magazine, which seems to have recaptured, recognized and found out something else about rock. A few years ago this magazine pleaded for "newness" in a degree that it rather looked like "newdity". Now it seems they have turned to the real values of rockn roll: What lasts!!

As you can see: 5 stars and a lot of compliments in Danish and a set list.