Review - Ray Davies, Arrow Rock Festival, Lichtenvoorde, Holland

From: Huub Goudzwaard
Date: June 18, 2006

Ray Davies performed on the Arrow Rock Festival in Lichtenvoorde in Holland. It was Saturday the 10th of June and he was after Porcupine Tree and before Def Leppard and Roger Waters.

As you can see on the photo; it was hot so Ray needed sunglasses. His performance was short because the bus was late!? I do not know what happenend. But because of that he started half an hour late and could not do a proper soundcheck.

There were not too many Kinks fans around but many people moved foreward to see how Ray is doing now.

In the front the sound was acceptable. In the back and on the field it was not too good. And it was a pity that Ray does not allow it to be filmed. So people were not able to see him on the big video screens. I think because of these two facts the 30.0000! people could not get a proper impression of the way Ray Davies is doing now. He missed a big chance.

Why is he not on time? Why not filmed! All the old guys are on the big screens. Roger Waters, Ian Gillan, etc. The songs he did were ok. But Roger Waters showed a few hours later how it should be done. It is better that Ray does not do festivals anymore.

Huub Goudzwaard