Review - Ray Davies' taping of Austin City Limits, Austin, Texas

From: Tom
Date: July 25, 2006

Here's my review of the Ray Davies ACL taping last night. The lines to get in were huge, especially the 7pm entry line for VIPs and big donors. As a result not everyone got into the main taping itself. Jim and I had # 180/181 in line and did not get in. We were cut off about 20 or so people away. However we snuck in through the back door and Jim created a diversion while I went into the studio itself. I made it in but he got ejected, so thanks to Jim for helping me into the taping. I was disappointed to not get in after not going to the Paramount Theater show but faith was rewarded.

He came on a little after 8 and Terry Lickona's intro that he was one artist they always wanted to get, definitely in their top 5. Ray and the band were sharply dressed in black and white suits. A couple songs in Ray took off his jacket, saying that creates a nightmare for TV people. During the Tourist he changed shirts into a blue long sleeve shirt, and during the encore he changed into 2 different hats, including a black cowboy hat that he said suited him (& it did.)

The band was very tight and sounded very good to me. Ray started several songs over again to get it right to his ears. Some songs seemed either very short or abbreviated, especially 1 & 2, or else I'm not familiar with them and they're short songs all along. They seemed to last about 2 mins or less each. He told stories during the show and gave a shout out to the Kinks and his brother Dave. After the taping I secured a couple of programs and got a guitar pick from Ray's stand via a roadie. Other people got the setlist, which appeared to be the same as what I wrote down (no 'You Really Got Me.') I then stuck around outside after the taping while they loaded everything up. About an hour later Ray came out and another fan and I met him. I shook his hand and got 2 quick autographs. He seemed nice and approachable.

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Ray Davies and Band
Monday, 24th July, 2006
ALC Studios, Austin, Texas

1. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
2. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
3. After the Fall
4. Next Door Neighbor
5. Creatures of Little Faith
6. Over My Head
7. Run Away from Time
8. 20th Century Man

9. Oklahoma USA
10. Celluloid Heroes (1 1/2 takes on 2 different acoustic guitars)

11. Sunny Afternoon (+ reprise singalong ending)
12. The Tourist

13. Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)

14. A Long Way from Home

15. Getaway (Lonesome Train)
16. All Day and All of the Night

17. Low Budget

8:07-9:48 = 1hr 41mins