Review - 16 July, 1995, Valley Forge Music Fair, Devon PA

From: Loaf13
Subject: Re: Current set list...?
Date: 17 Jul 1995 00:02:14 -0400

The KINKS at Valley Forge Music Fair in Devon PA, July 16th, 1995

Valley Forge opened w/Ray alone (standard 90's opening):

w/the band:

All in all a fantastic, tight show. Unfortunately only a 2 song encore-but don't we always want more.

Looking forward 2 the Wallingford show-Loaf

I hate 2 say this put I'm passing up 7/17 in D.C. for a prior softball commitment. Tour shirts are good-Black T w/to the bone logo,tour dates on back-mistakenly says 2 days in Philly. Ray said during the encore have a new album due out at the end of the year called: To the Bone, bummer, its not that new!

Lets see the other set lists as they happen kinks fans.


From: Erick Schlosser
Subject: Kinks at Valley Forge
Date: 17 Jul 1995 12:11:53 GMT

The set list from the PA show is below. It is from memory. All of the songs are listed, but they may not necessarily be in the exact order.

I thought this was an exceptional show. The band sounded great and they were in noticably good spirits. The show was sold out and capacity was about 3000. The crowd was pumped too! Really into it. The only thing that detracted from this show at all was the revolving stage. I just don't like them.

Ray said something about releasing a "new album later this year called To The Bone." I wonder if this is just going to be a rerelease of the import. Or is it going to be more material from the same Konk session with the same title? Ray also played a song called To The Bone on his English solo tour. Maybe a studio album with that name? Whatever the case, it appears there was some deal worked out for a US record contract or at least a distribution of the existing CD. Doug, any word??

Anyway, everybody who is seeing a show this month in the Northeast has something to look forward to. I look forward to DC tonight.


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 06:41:27 -0400 (EDT)
From: Drew B. Farenwald
Subject: Re: Valley Forge Show

Couple corrections to Erick's set list. State of Confusion before Low Budget, Celluloid Heroes after Muswell, I'm Not Like Everybody Else after Apeman, Set Me Free after Come Dancing, "Devon/Philadelphia" Blues after It's Alright, All Day was the last song before the encore.

Additional: Ray blew harp on It's Alright. Set Me Free had a tasty intro with some reworked chords. "Devon/Philadelphia" Blues was a generic blues song with inprovised lyrics about being in Philly and Devon (where the Valley Forge Music Fair is actually located; go figure.) Ray wore a Union Jack Suit for the encore. The whole band was in good spirits and looked happy to be there. Show was 90 minutes including encore. I'm still grinnin'.

Joppatowne, MD

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 09:32:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Valley Forge Show

I can attest to Erick's enthusiasm review of the Valley Forge Show.

The venue was terrific, and there wasn't a bad seat in the house. I didn't mind the revolving stage all that much, as it afforded everyone a look at the band.

The energy was tremendous, and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves. Both Ray and Dave particularly seemed to be in good spirits and more importantly perhaps, getting along.

As is sometimes a problem at a Kinks show, there were shortened versions of songs, most notably: Well Respected Man, Do It Again, Muswell Hillbillies, and Celluloid Heroes (lacking the usual George Sanders/Marilyn Monroe verse).

This was my fourth time seeing the band, and it may have been the best of the four performances. I was hoping this tour that I might get to hear Waterloo Sunset, Death of A Clown, or Sunny Afternoon, but it wasn't to be. I still haven't heard them perform any of those songs yet, but one day maybe.

If you haven't had the opportunity to see the Kinks on this tour, by all means go. They are really on top of their game!

The opening act by the way, was an acoustic guitarist (accompanied by an electric guitarist). I can't remember her name, but I thought she put on an energetic and pretty powerful show.


John Fracchia
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