Review - 20 July, 1995, The Starlight Music Theatre, Albany, NY

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 11:58:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: Yoshitsugu Uemura
Subject: Albany show

Just came back from Albany, NY. They were good, especially Ray's voice was better than that in previous shows. The show was a little shorter and was about 70 minutes.

Ray acoustic

  1. A Well Respected Man
  2. Stop Your Sobbing
  3. Dedicated Follower of Fashion ( only one verse)
  4. YRGM (only 10 seconds, then Ray said "Let's save it for the band")
  5. Do It Again


  6. Do It Again (with band)
  7. Hard Way
  8. It's Alright (60's version)
  9. Low Budget
  10. Apeman
  11. Sleep Walker(Dave)
  12. Celluloid Heroes
  13. Come Dancing
  14. Too Much On My Mind (Dave)!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Linving On The Thin Line (Dava)
  16. Lola
  17. All Day and All of the Night


  18. Victoria
  19. Days (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  20. YRGM

I think that the reason they stopped the show earlier was because the stage suddenly stopped revolving. Therefore, I only saw them from the back in last 4 songs--------which made me sick!! Otherwise the show was OK as I said above.

My next show is in Wallington, CT.


Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 11:20:24 EDT
Subject: Albany Show

All: Here's a review of the Kinks at the Albany show last night:

It was a theater in-the-round again with NO air conditioning. The extreme heat, I'm sure, forced Ray and the boys to do only an 18 song, 1 hour 15 minute set. The venue, about 3200 capacity, was far from sold out. But the Kinks were ON! I have seen them about 16 times in the last 10 years and the band was tighter (in the good sense) than ever. Ray was bouncy, jovial, and in better voice than the Phobia tour.

It was good seeing so many cyber friends there. A friend of ours swiped the printed set list after the show and we found they deleted these songs, again due to the heat (Ray was sweating profusely): "I'm Not Like...", Set Me Free, Sleazy Town, David Watts, and Twist and Shout. They did add Days (beautifully done) however. The set list is as follows:

Ray solo acoustic:

Very good show...I patted both Dave and Ray on the back as they were whisked up my aisle, Ray with that crooked grin on his face. My only complaints were that the venue was unbearably hot cutting out some of the songs I would have loved (David Watts). Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa...Wes
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