Review - 23 July, 1995, The Warwick Musical Theatre, Warwick, RI

From: obrien66
Subject: Warwick Gig
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 95 23:38:19 -0500

Just got back. Great show. Everyone looked to be having a great time. Met Ray and Dave after soundcheck and got Ray to sign his book and tour book from Word of Mouth. Dave also signed it. YES!!!!!!!!! Mission sucessfull. THought the set could have been better but all in all fantastic. Heres how it went:

Pretty tipical set as they have been going this tour. Mentioned again about To The Bone coming out later this year. Hope it includes more material than the import. Well I got to go to bed. Anyone else go to the show?

See Ya


From: Rosenblatt, Howie
Date: 24 Jul 1995 09:16:09 -0500
Subject: Kinks at Warwick

The Kinks show at Warwick Musical Theatre on July 23 was awesome!!!

The band was in good spirits, especially Ray. I'm sure the set list will be printed elsewhere, but there were a few suprises. The band played It's Alright, Too Much on My Mind (Dave on lead vocals) and Days!

Celluloid Heroes was a highlight, even if he skipped a few verses.

This was my 7th Kinks show and one of the best. Ray was much sharper than on the Phobia tour and it's great to have Ian back in the band.

Ray and Dave were really involved with the audience. Dave let people touch his guitar and Ray was shaking hands and signing autographs.

The only disappointment was there were at least 200 empty seats. How can the World's Greatest Rock n Roll Band not sell out a 3000 seat tent???

Ray said it all, "We have no reason to be here. We have no new album out. We're just here to have a good time."

Thanks Ray. God Save the Kinks!
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