Review - 28 July, 1995, South Shore Musical Theatre, Cohasset, MA

Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 23:37:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Yoshitsugu Uemura
Subject: Cohasset

They did a fabulous job at the South Shore Music Circus. Ray responded to our requests. Fantastic!!!!!

Ray Acoustic

Opening tape

The Kinks


I hope there will be bootleg CD of this show.


From: JeffrC
Subject: Re: Kinks Performed For Us in Mass.
Date: 3 Aug 1995 00:54:38 -0400

A couple of other little highlights/interesting things about the Cohasset show:

* Ray sang a couple of lines of "All of My Friends Were There"..

* the big fat guy who ran up on stage during the "big fat momma line of "Sunny Afternoon," and Ray's startled reaction..

* Ray endearingly flubbed the opening of "Rock'n'Roll Fantasy"..

* Ray threw the paper plate with "Waterloo Sunset" on it away in mock disgust (and as nearly always, refused to play it)

And a couple of questions:

Can someone try and describe Dave Davies' schtick? I had never seen him perform this close before -- I just found it indescribable. Ridiculous, yet inspired; i just can't figure it out. What's with that pointing thing?

Did you notice that Ray and Dave didn't really speak to each other at all during the whole show, save for the Death of a Clown request thing?

And what is the deal with continued popularity among the Kinks of "Gallon of Gas"? I mean this is one of the only songs in their catalog that is NOT a timeless classic. (It is, after all, about the 1970s energy crisis.) With all the songs to choose from, it just beats the heck out of me why they love this one so much -- I must have seen them play it 50 times.
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