Review - Ray Solo, 11 August, 1995, Leas Cliff Hall, Folkstone, & 12 August, 1995, Assembly Theatre, Tunbridge Wells

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 1995 23:48:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: Yoshitsugu Uemura
Subject: Back from Ray's solo shows

First of all, I would like to say, "Nice to meet you", to all the kinks fans whom I met at Leas Cliff Hall on Aug 11 and at Assembly Hall on Aug 12. Ray was really cool!!! I hope he will release his solo 'live' album.....Maybe not... but let's hope!!

Aug 11                                    Aug 12

 1.Autumn Almanac                         1.Autumn Almanac
 2.Sunny Afternoon                        2.Sunny Afternoon
 3.Dedicated Follower of Fashion          3.Dedicated Follower.....
 4.Victoria                               4.Victoria
 5.20th Century Man                       5.20th Century Man
 6.Old Black Magic                        6.The London Song
 7.Tired of Waiting for You               7.Old Black Magic
 8.Set Me Free                            8.This Strange Effect
 9.The London Song                        9.Tired of Waiting for You
10.See My Friend                         10.Set Me Free
11.Art School Babes                      11.X-Ray
12.YRGM                                  12.See My Friend
13.She Was Really Animal                 13.Art School Babes
14.A Well Respected Man                  14.YRGM
15.Muswell Hillbillies                   15.She Was Really Animal
16.Americana                             16.A Well Respected Man
17.The Money-go-round                    17.Americana
18.I Go To Sleep                         18.I Go To Sleep
19.Two Sisters                           19.Two Sisters
20.The Ballad of Julie Finkle            20.The Money-go-round
21.To The Bone                           21.Dead End Street
22.Dead End Street                       22.The Ballad of Julie Finkle
23.Lola                                  23.Lola
24.Days                                  24.To The Bone
25.Waterloo Sunset                       25.Days
26.YRGM                                  26.Waterloo Sunset
At Assembly Hall, there was Ray's daughter Victoria in the audience. She's very cute!!!!!!


P.S. Wes, I got Ray to sign on the picture that I had taken with Ray and Maria.
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