Review - Dave solo, 21 April, 1997, Luna Park, West Hollywood, CA

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 02:06:02 -0700
From: Lee Arthur Wilkerson
Subject: Dave at Luna Park [review]

Hello Kinks People,
     Here is the set list for Dave's show at Luna Park on April 21st.
I was considering not posting this in order to keep it a surprise for
everyone who will see him... but, there are a lot of us who will not see
him. So, here it is:

1. I Need You
2. Beautiful Delilah
3. She's Got Everything
4. Look Through Any Doorway
5. Susannah's Still Alive
6. Creeping Jean
7. Love Me Till the Sun Shines
8. Milk Cow Blues
9. Wicked Annabella
10.Picture Book
12.Too Much on My Mind
13.Death of a Clown
14.Get Back in Line
15.Fortis Green
16.Living on a Thin Line
17.Dead End Street
18.I'm Not Like Everybody Else
19.All Day and All of the Night
21.David Watts

22.My Way
23.You Really Got Me

The original 14 spot was supposed to be a song called "Sea of
Heartbreak." But, they didn't play it. The second encore was supposed to
be "Little Queenie," but they didn't play this one either. And on the
list, someone (maybe it was Dave???) had written in "One Night With You"
to be played after "Little Queenie." But, they didn't play it.

There you have it. I missed the sound check... I arrived just in time to
hear Dave finish playing "I Need You." But, I was able to talk to him
for a bit before he went out to get something to eat. I asked him if he
knew who was going to be his backing band for the tour and he said,
"No...I don't have the slightest idea." Dave did seem to be a bit buzzed
at the time... didn't he Johnny Gutierrez! His eyes were bloodshot and
he had a drink in his hand...and I don't think it was water!

I was right in front of Dave for the entire show, and he sprayed me with
spit on a number of times as he sang. Mary Neville (from Washington
State) was right next to me as was Johnny Gutierrez. Other Kinks
Fanatics of note in attendance were: Nastassia Burkholder, Steve
Callahan, Elliot (I don't know his last name), Gillian Lomax, Lee (I
don't know his last name) from Sacramento and a handful of others that I
know I am forgetting.

After the show, I asked the keyboard player if they were going to play
with Dave anymore. He said they were going to do the other So. Cal.
gigs. Now, this isn't Dave speaking... so believe what you will. I was
also able to get Dave to sign the set list I snagged off one of the
speakers at the end of the show. After he signed it, I put my arm around
his shoulder as we were walking and told him that "Living on a Thin
Line" was the best song on Word of Mouth. That made him laugh. The
bottom line is that Dave rocked. My ears are still ringing.

                                            Lee Arthur Wilkerson

                                             Creeping Jean Inc.